10 Cool Gift Ideas for April Birthdays

10 Cool Gift Ideas for April Birthdays

The month of April brings beautiful things to everyone lucky enough to hold a birthday in this spring month! Sure there’s revision for summer exams and the odd April shower, but there’s also BBQs and picnics and parties. Here at Luckies we have fully taken this into account when devising 10 cool gift ideas for your nearest and dearest born in April. That’s Mum, Dad, siblings and friends all sorted, whatever the month may have in store for them.

Birthday Dads

When it comes to cool gift ideas for April birthdays, we certainly have a seasonal spring in our step for your Dad’s birthday. Barbecue Stamp is a big-boys toy (but also totally manly) that lets Fathers be king of the grill as they personalises all grilled steaks with their very own branding iron. Whether it’s ‘Little bit of Blood’ for Mum or ‘Nearly Burnt’ for the neighbours, it makes a great gift when cooking on coals. And why not stick to the foodie gifts with Herbert Garden Tool Kit, an essential for all green fingers digging up those seasonal spring veg. Complete with spade and gardening fork, Dad can get stuck in with the spring onions and greens ready to serve with the BBQ. And don’t forget the handy gift of Emergency Tissues for all those budding gardeners who suffer with spring sniffles and hay fever. This pack of ten 3-ply retro tissues catches all sneezes and wheezes throughout this blossoming month of spring.

Birthday Mums

When it comes to April Fool’s Day, it can sometimes seem that Mothers are the easiest to fool. With Mark Eat Basting Brush you can fool your dear Mother into thinking she’s receiving a yellow highlighter pen when in fact it’s a super useful silicone basting brush and pump. Ideal for oiling that spring chicken and vegetables picked by Dad! And why not keep the gags coming with Zip Mark, a cute book mark designed to look like a zip. Perfect for those evenings in reading while the April showers bring May flowers.

Brothers and Sisters

When it comes to younger brothers and sisters born in April, they are often stuck with the short straw. And though we rotten older siblings may giggle at their miss-fortune, for them it could involve a rained off outdoor birthday party and a month revising for school summer exams – rubbish! Strive to be the cool older bro or sis with the Glow in the Dark Star Map, a creative constellations map perfect for budding astrologists or those with lurking astrology exams. It’s one of our many cool gift ideas for early birthdays in April as the evenings are dark enough to go star gazing and it gives everyone’s favourite Professor, Brian Cox a run for his money.

And why not continue the supportive sibling gifts with the Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy. This cute pen pot can either be used for a mini desk spring clean or to organise all essential exam stationary. After all, we all know that revision can only really begin once all pens and pencils are correctly colour-coded to match the extensive revision time table that only took five full days to create…

University Friends

And finally, cool gift ideas for April birthdays are definitely not in short supply when it comes to fellow uni friends. Once that clock goes forward it means parties, picnics and well, more parties. Get in the spring spirit by surprising a friend with Pistachio, a cute set of two pistachio shaped snack bowls to be used that evening at the impromptu birthday party! And with the additional help of Cucumbo, you and your friends can create impressive Pimms with a cucumber twist. Literally. This spiral slicer for cucumbers brings sophistication to student shindigs and makes you the coolest cocktail creator on campus.

And for any uni friends wanting to spend the spring getting beach body ready for the summer, Eat It is the fun, healthy food chart the whole flat can get involved in. Simply chart your eating habits by ticking off the food you’ve eaten and enjoy the competitive broccoli and bean bantz.