10 Cool Gift Ideas for March Birthday Boys and Girls

10 Cool Gift Ideas for March Birthday Boys and Girls

If you’re looking for cool birthday gifts look no further! Sure birthdays are great fun but the issue is that they pop up every year. And if you hadn’t noticed, every year you need to think of cool gift ideas that out-do the gifts from last year! But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place; here at Luckies we are cool as cucumbers when it comes to awesome presents for March birthday boys and girls.

Sumo Egg Cups

First up on our list of cool gift ideas, and appropriately centred on a birthday breakfast is Sumo Egg Cups. You can be up and organised on the day of your friend’s birthday by serving them birthday eggs in bed in these cute sumo wrestler egg cups. An egg-cellent start to the day and a sure way to score brownie points with the birthday boy or girl!

On Air Toothbrush Cover

Later in the day you can surprise your birthday buddy with a retro-microphone inspired On Air Toothbrush Cover. Let them think you’re into oral hygiene in a big way before surprising them with a mini birthday weekend road trip; where that toothbrush cover is going to come in very handy! They will be eternally grateful to you for their super shiny teeth in all road trip selfies you are going to post to Instagram!

Pocket Tin Speaker

However for all unfortunate mid-week March babies, the Pocket Tin Speaker is the only way to get the party started on that idle mid-March Tuesday. Whether you’re on the number 52 bus to school or updating the weekly Sales Spreadsheet at work, whoever’s birthday it is will certainly appreciate the impromptu party from this mini portable speaker. Tu-tu-turn it up!

Book of Party Masks

Anybody who says they don’t like surprises must never have had a surprise birthday party thrown with Book of Masks. With 30 tear-out fancy dress masks to choose from, the birthday boy or girl will push back the front door and be welcomed by monkeys, clowns and even Cleopatra!? With guests not having to frantically find a fancy dress costume, who knows what could jump from behind the curtains shouting “Surprise!”

Dinner Party Napkins

If however your birthday friend would prefer something slightly more sophisticated (and we say sophisticated very, very loosely) then why not throw them a dinner party with the help of Dinner Party Napkins. Unlike boring regular napkins, these napkins are covered in GAMES (see what we meant about the sophistication). Be it dot-to-dot or battleships, these interactive serviettes will keep your guests busy while you scrape off any burnt bits on the chicken pie.

Animal Corkers

The morning after the birthday night before is sure to be a sight for sore eyes. Literally. Ease yourself into the hangover with some final birthday bantz from Animal Corkers. With this cute box of push pins in the shape of various animal parts you can bring your corks to life by making them into a selection of fun creatures from birds to bears. A great way to recycle the corks from pre-drinks if you can bear (get it!) the sight of alcohol the next day.

Smartphone Projector

If on the other hand your mate fancies a relaxed night in this birthday, why not treat them to their very own mini cinema night with the help of the Smartphone Projector. This fancy cinema in a box lets you set up your smartphone and project the birthday boy or girl’s favourite film onto the wall. Whether it’s The Godfather or The Notebook (we won’t judge!) you’ll have your private screening up and running just in time for the Colin the Caterpillar Cake. YUM.

Come Rain or Shine

Next up on the list of cool gift ideas is Come Rain or Shine. With April showers just around the corner, you never know what weather to expect with March birthdays. With Come Rain or Shine however you can treat the birthday babe to a picnic and stroll whether it’s raining cats and dogs or a scorching 5°. Working great as an overhead rain shelter or something to sit on when munching through the Party Rings, whatever the weather.

Grow up height chart

The month of March isn’t just reserved for friend’s birthdays remember. For younger family members, Grow up height Chart is the gift that keeps giving. Each year your younger sister or brother can use this giant wall-hanging ruler to see their height and how they measure up from last year’s birthday. Measuring up to 150cm, make it a birthday morning tradition by scratching off the foil to see just how much they’ve grown. Also a great gift for any vertically challenged friends!

Pac-Man Ghost by Namco

And finally, if you’re totally out of birthday gift ideas or want to do something COMPLETELY different, then the most obvious solution is to of course transform their bedroom into a live-in video game. An obvious idea now we say it, isn’t it? With Pac-Man Ghost by Namco, BLIK wall graphics make the impossible possible with a set off self-adhesive Pac-Man shapes. With Pac-Man himself, 7 ghosts and a selection of colourful graphics, this is the ideal birthday surprise for the hipster in your life and the most adventurous from our list of cool gift ideas.