10 Cool Gift Ideas for May Birthday Boys and Girls

10 Cool Gift Ideas for May Birthday Boys and Girls

If you’re looking for Cool Gift Ideas, read on…. May babies sure are lucky. Their birthday coincides with the start of summer AND festival season. Plus there are two bank holidays to plan their celebrations around, so no need to crawl into work on Monday with the hangover from hell! But don’t think they’ll be too busy sunbathing to tell if the present you got them wasn’t up to scratch. Read on for some inspiration on what to get those lucky folks born in May – and remember, sunburn is no excuse for a shoddy pressie.

BBQ Stamp

You know the score – if the sun’s out in England for more than three consecutive minutes it’s time to start the barbie. And what better way to liven things up than with the Luckies BBQ stamp, a branding iron that lets you personalise your patties! This makes the perfect gift for those al fresco enthusiasts, but don’t worry – if the Great British summer isn’t living up to its name, you can also heat the stamp on a gas hob flame.

Chill Pill Ice Tray

Got an old school friend that will appreciate a bit of ‘90s nostalgia? Get them the Chill Pill Ice Tray – it makes huge ice cubes in the shape of chill pills (see what we did there?), and is guaranteed to make your friends reminisce about the good old days. That and they’ll keep your drinks cold.

OMY Giant Colouring Roll XXL

So technically this Giant Colouring Roll is probably for kids, but we can’t help but think that there are a fair few adults who’d love this as a birthday present too. After all, mindfulness colouring books are a thing now, right? Think how zenned you’d be after a couple of hours on this baby!

Luggage Label Stickers

May’s about the time that people start thinking of their summer holidays, so get your friend in the mood for a spot of travelling with these vintage label stickers. They’re sure to jazz up any suitcase, and might even inspire them to invite you along!

Sports Huevos

Designed to make breakfast a little more fun, these sports ball egg moulds make great gifts for all your sporting buddies. Who doesn’t want their morning protein in the shape a tennis ball? Plus, if you make them breakfast in bed with them you’re guaranteed to earn some brownie points.

Juice Bruce Squeezer

No birthday list would be complete without the obligatory alcohol post, so here we go… This Juice Bruce Squeezer is perfect for adding a bit of zest to your summery drinks. With his pointy wooden head, he’ll make a breeze of those margaritas and mojitos. For those who prefer the softer stuff, why not try making lemonade? After all, when life gives you lemons…

Party Straws

These humorous straws are a great gift for everyone – you don’t have to know much about a persons hobbies or passions in life to know they’ll love a funny straw. After all, who wouldn’t love to drink a G&T with a toothless grin or a pucker up granny mouth? Exactly.

Smartphone Speaker

For those friends that don’t contain their singing to the shower, we give you the Smartphone Speaker. Lightweight and portable, this mobile speaker boasts 40 hours of playback and impressive sound, so can be used out in the garden at summer barbecues, while you’re sunbathing down by the lido, or at that music festival you’ve been eyeing up. Just don’t tell them you bought it to drown out their singing…

Smartphone Projector And Speaker Gift Set

If you really want to get in your friends good books, why not go all out and get them the Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set – a complete home cinema kit. Perfect for movie nights with friends, you could even try to configure a drive in movie night in your garage! With up to 8 x magnification, and loads of features, it’s perfect for those gadget loving gals and guys.

Robot Gift Wrap

Okay so this technically isn’t a present, but it’s present related and it’s too awesome not to share.… This Robot Gift Wrap transforms your present from boring old box shape into… well, a robot. There’s enough to wrap at least 6 gifts, and they’ll look so good your friends won’t want to open them!