10 Cool Gift Ideas for the Novelty Stationery Junkie

10 Cool Gift Ideas for the Novelty Stationery Junkie

We all know a novelty stationery buff – the type of person who organises their pens and pencils better than their bank balance, who gets annoyed if you borrow a rubber and never give it back, or who has more highlighters than Facebook friends. Well prepare to be the top of their Christmas card list, with this guide to cool gift ideas for the novelty stationery junkie.

For the Office Stationery Lover – Sardine Paperclips

These Sardine Paperclips are a super fun way to brighten up your desk in the office. Beautifully packaged, fish shaped and reusable, now when something is a bit fishy in the office it won’t be that left over tuna sandwich in the fridge that no one’s claiming responsibility for! Affordable and cute, they make the perfect gift for any boy or girl who wants to organise their paper work in style.

For the Crafty Stationery Addict – Just Your Type

These gold foil sticker letters are a great way to personalise folders, laptops, pencil cases and whatever else you can lay claim to. Just Your Type includes:

600 characters
5 variations of fonts
Over 100 funky images and icons
They’ll definitely keep your pencil pushing friends entertained for a while.

For the Competitive Stationery Enthusiast – I’m As Big As

The ‘I’m As Big As’ chart is a cool gift for any fun loving families you know, where you can mark your height on the chart and find out what famous people, animals or objects you measure up to. It’s also the perfect present for someone whose colleagues are a little, how can we put this…square? and need something fun to bond over in the office – it’s hard not to break down those icy barriers when you find out that Barry from accounts is the same size as a Yeti…

For the Forgetful Stationery Hoarder – Eric The Memo Elephant

Got a forgetful friend that could do with some helpful and noticeable reminders? Let us introduce Eric The Memo Elephant – because elephants never forget! He’s made of smooth white ceramic and loves to be written on – never again will your friend forget to buy toilet roll or call their mum back…

For the Arty Stationery Fanatic – Geppeto

This jovial little fellow can’t tell a lie – handy for when you’re sharpening your pencils. Because no one ever likes it when they think they’ve sharpened the perfect amount then the nib falls off! Combat this stationery buff’s pet hate by popping your pencils into his nose, and watch them shrink as you sharpen – who says the truth hurts aye?

For the Clean Freak Stationery Worshipper – Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy

Novelty stationery meets the clean freak.Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy is a cool gift idea for boys and girls who love to keep their desk ‘put-that-pen-back-in-its-place’ tidy. It also brings a little humour to the clean freak’s ways because who doesn’t like tiny replicas of big, everyday items?

For the Animal Loving Stationery Admirer – Bianca Hippo Memo Holder

The Bianca Hippo Memo Holder, because when you read the memo that you’ve got an 8am meeting tomorrow that you’ve done no prep for, it takes the sting out a bit if the paper its written on is hanging from the mouth of a smiling hippo…

For the Fun Stationery Buff – Animal Gift Wrap

As far as novelty stationery goes, this is probably top of the pile. This animal gift wrap lets you transform boring gifts into super cool animal friends. Just put your gift in a corresponding box, wrap them up and start accessorising with teeth, ears, fangs and tails! Whether it’s a Bear-thday, Christ-Moose or Bat-mitzva there’s a creature for all occasions!

For the Travel Obessessed Stationery Collector – Airmail Travel Wallet

For those friends who are so organised when they travel they put you to shame, we give you the Airmail Travel Wallet. With space to keep your:

Travel documents
It’ll definitely go down well with your plan-ahead friends. And not only is this cool gift super practical, it also looks like a retro airmail envelope – pretty good huh?

For the Active Stationery Devotee – Memo Mountain

More accessible (and arguably better) than Kilimanjaro, the Memo Mountain is a cork board in the shape of scenic mountains, perfect for adding all of your to do lists and important pictures to. And the best thing about this novelty stationary set? The pins are little tree shaped push pins. Cute or what?