10 Cool Gifts for Guys That are Tough to Buy For

10 Cool Gifts for Guys That are Tough to Buy For

Unlike the ladies who enjoy a good old fashioned hint about the cool gift Ideas that have caught their eye, the male species tend to resort to, well, mumbling. Incomprehensible mumbles not only make it difficult to decide whether to have a curry or chinese for dinner but they also make shopping for them near impossible. For all victims on the mumble-receiving end, we’ve put together our top 10 Cool Gifts for guys that are tough to buy for. Whether it’s a difficult Dad or a cheeky lad from uni, we’re here to make all those dreaded birthdays and anniversaries that much easier and 100% mumble-free.

If you’re shopping for the man who has everything then it’s essential to think outside the gift box. With having everything comes having all of God’s-given talents too like dancing and singing. With Smartphone Speaker or Pocket Tin Speaker (when on the go, ofc) the man in your life can plug in their fancy phone and enjoy high-quality music from bopping and jiving to beatboxing and ballet. If however his talents lie more in cuisine, then this guy who has everything can cook up a storm with our range of cool gift Ideas for the kitchen. With Chilli Herb Infuser your Dad can spice up the Sunday night family stew and leave it to cool on Crime Scene Pot Trivet, ideal for your Father and Uncle who are partners in crime in the kitchen. And for dudes that love desserts but are tough cookies to buy for, Cookie Cup Cookie Cutter is sure to go down a sweet-treat thanks to Paul Hollywood making it cool for boys to bake.

If you’re after cool gift ideas for the guys (hipsters) who like more unusual Gifts, we’re talking the gadget loving adventurer, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. With Smartphone Projector, that gizmo collecting brother of yours, whose birthday you never seem to get right, will certainly reward you cool sister points with this portable mini cinema, perfect for when his bros come round. And why not double those cool sister points with double the presents by giving Luma Smartphone Light, a funky night light he can power through his mobile phone, ideal for when he’s getting through those mass Game of Thrones novels.

For the adventurer, tough to buy for guy who enjoys more unusual Gifts (not too much of a big ask!) then give Adventure Journal, a jam-packed journal with over 300 bucket list adventures. What also goes hand in hand with adventures is our awesome Scratch Map® Original poster so your nephew/brother,/boyfriend, can scratch off all those world adventures once back home. And finally if you’re feeling extra generous (maybe because you’re finally full of ideas for the tough to buy for guys) then top it off with Currency Money Bank so that this tough to buy for guy can store all those dollars and euros ready for his next adventure…at which time do make sure to visit Luckies again so we can land you with the perfect leaving gift!


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