10 Gifts for Girls That are Hard to Buy For

10 Gifts for Girls That are Hard to Buy For

Here at GiftLab we totally get that girls can be hard to buy for. They can change their mind as much as they change their hair (consider shopping for Rihanna) which makes you stuck with the short straw when shopping for them. But when it comes to unusual Gifts for the women of the world, we’ve got it covered. From adolescent school girls through to first-time business women right up to the mums and aunties who wanna party with their prided pansies in their garden – now that’s girl power!

For those younger sister schoolgirls making it through high school, the most important thing is being top of the class, and by this we mean who has the coolest pencil case…and novelty Stationery to fill it, of course. With our stationery cool gift Ideas she’ll be storming ahead with Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy and Custom Camper Desk Tidy, two adorable pen pots that will guarantee her straight A’s. If however she’s after that Head Girl position then compliment her well stocked stationery with OMY Washable Felt Tip Pens, one of our most colourful cool gift Ideas for Hard to buy for gals.

Next up on our 10 Cool Gifts for girls that are hard to buy for is for the newly independent businesswomen of the world (picture Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada). Be the supportive girlfriend with Hankie Notebook or Decomposition Notebook Honeycomb, two very necessary notebooks this power woman can keep her meeting minutes in. At the gym after work (which is sure to be located on the top floor of her skyscraper Office block) she’ll need Bottle Clip, a charming bottle cap hook, before returning to her new flash pad where you’ve already conveniently given her the  Scratch Map® Original poster hanging in the hallway. Get you, so organised.

And finally, if you’ve got a birthday or anniversary where you need cool gift ideas for the more mature ladies of leisure then don’t worry because when it comes to the women that have everything, we have every idea. La Bella Garden Name Tags are a great gift for mums/aunts/grandmas with green fingers as it keeps all potted plants organised giving her time to relax with a loose tea brew by Baby Nessie Tea Infuser. After granny’s third cuppa why not give the gift of memories (aww) with Sweet Deer Cookie Cutter, a perfect gift for the girls that are hard to buy for as the two of you can enjoy time together becoming the ultimate baking biscuit babes.


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