3 Christmas gift ideas for her

3 Christmas gift ideas for her

Christmas is coming! The goose is getting fat. The Coca Cola ad is on repeat and the shops are unbearably full and stiflingly hot. You’ve no doubt made your Christmas list and ticked everyone off already though, right? No? You’ve still got to get something for Mum? For your wife? Girlfriend? Auntie? Uh oh, back to the shops you go with every other Tom, Dick and Carol… Unless, you’d rather sit back on the sofa with a cup of home brewed Christmas blend coffee and click on one of these 3 Christmas gift ideas for her? Oh alright then, you take it easy – we’ve got your Christmas covered.

  1. Scratch Map Original

If you’re looking for a meaningful Christmas present for Mum that says ‘thanks for all your hard work bringing me up but now it’s time to do something for yourself’, then how about our Scratch Map Original? There’s no better way to encourage her to get out there and see the world, or to stay out of the country and out of your business for a few more weeks of the year at least.

  1. Love Note

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic gift for your wife or girlfriend then look no further than the Love Note. What lady (or man for that matter) wouldn’t soon over their very own personal love message in a bottle? The simplest things in life are the sweetest and all you have to do with this xmas gift is write your own personal note to your loved one and seal it in the bottle with the sticker provided, and they’ll have a gift they can cherish forever.

  1. Pocket Tin Speaker
    If you’re still stumped for Christmas gifts for her then how about one of our pocket sized smartphone speakers? The perfect stocking filler for music lovers and a great Christmas present for a friend or work colleague; they can blast those Christmas tunes out for all to hear, whether they want to or not.