3 Cool Gift Ideas for the Guy who has Everything

3 Cool Gift Ideas for the Guy who has Everything

Never mind trying to find Cool Gifts for the girl who has everything, finding cool Gifts for the guy who has everything is WAY harder! Especially if he’s the type to greet you with the dreaded ‘surprise me’ when you’re subtly (well, what you thought was subtly) fishing for gift ideas. A term that commonly leads to frantic googling of terms like ‘gifts for Hard to buy for men’ during all hours of the night, ‘surprise me’ has the ability to send shivers down even the most confident gift buyers’ spines. But as usual, Luckies are here to save the day with three cool gift Ideas for the guy who has everything…

It’s said that a lot of people do their most important thinking in the shower which is why Waterproof Notebook is number one on our list of cool gifts for the guy who has everything. After all, he might want to write some of that important stuff down in the shower! Made from waterproof stone paper, this little notebook comes with a 100% graphite pencil, allowing you to write down smudge free thoughts, lists, brainstorms, lyrics, poetry, baby names and whatever else you might fancy any time, any place, any weather. Try ripping the paper too, it’s impossible!

If this guy of yours has everything, he definitely has a man bun. What better way to bring some functionality to the man bun (other than hipster-ness obvs) than with Clippa by Monkey Business – the hair kit that doubles as a mini tool kit!? Something he definitely won’t already have, Clippa has a wrench, screw driver, trolley coin, cutting edge and a ruler which all combine into a cool yet practical gift.

Last but definitely not least on our list of cool gifts is the Barbecue Stamp. Every barbecue has a protagonist. The guy that pulls out the bellows when the barbecue won’t get started, revives the burnt corn on the cobs with his home made hot sauce and who marinades the chicken FOURTY EIGHT hours in advance. We’re betting the guy who has everything is the protagonist at a barbecue. Know what he’s missing though? His own, personalised steak stamp. Barbecue Stamp will allow him to brand his steak (or any meat for that matter) with ‘Black & Blue,’ ‘Little Bit of Blood’ or ‘Nearly Burnt.’ As important as the Ring was to Frodo in Lord of the Rings, the starring role at every barbecue needs to have a Barbecue Stamp.


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