3 Cool Gifts for Colleagues moving onto pastures new

3 Cool Gifts for Colleagues moving onto pastures new

3 Cool Leaving Gifts for Colleagues Your colleague is moving onto pastures new, and you want to mark the occasion and remember that the future is built from experience of the past to take to our next adventures, and these 3 leaving gifts will give them your best wishes to go for it.

Chalkboard Map

Making changes and trying new things in life can be like walking into the dark night with no torch. Some how we have to find that blind faith and courage especially when we are in the comfort zone for any length of time. So let us be happy for the new adventurer who is leaving and wish them well with the Chalkboard Map. Just like the unknown, a black laminate map of the world waiting to be discovered and reveal the color of life yet to enjoy and conquer.
The Chalkboard Map will give them the freedom to plan their own journey but also inspire them to visit places they only dream’t of or saw in the movies. With a chalk pen they can write on the map and wipe off any plans or ideas to start new ones, then as the countries are discovered, the foil layer can be scratched off turning the black map slowly into color, a personal record to remember where you have been. Display this stunning poster on the wall and keep the motivation rolling.

Memory Box

For the reluctant leaver who will want to have a trinket from every life experience, this is a very thoughtful gift, and perhaps you could pop a staff photo in there and a pack of hankies !
A classy wooden box to hold precious keepsakes and memory’s so they don’t get lost and damaged. Not just a box though with a specially designed 12 piece memory kit.
A beautiful foam lined box with A 6 notebook, storage tin, card wallet and card tags to look after those unique personal experiences that mean a lot to you.

Camera Light

They haven’t been with you long, but they made an impact. They left a great impression but you will never keep them. They are free spirits and search for new life experience. You want to buy them a leaving gift to say , great to have had you on the team and we understand your need to be creative and to try new things.
This rechargeable bedside lamp is also ideal for camping and festivals. Looks really cool, like the old retro cameras and switches on and off by turning the shutter. A USB cable is included to recharge. A unique and very cool leaving gift for the quirky work mate who wants to keep moving to capture the unique personal pictures of life. Shine a light on their future and wish them well with the Camera Light.