3 Cool gifts for men for 2017

3 Cool gifts for men for 2017

Come rain or shine, going with the flow, Cool Gifts in the Kitchen when he is cooking up a storm for a surprise meal will be fun with an enjoyable selection of kitchen Gadgets for a smooth service. Entertainment, hanging out or off exploring whatever the weather be inspired and have a go or put your feet up and let it flow.

Oil & Co Pourer
Great looking copper or silver cans for Him to carry the cooking oil in and impress you on a picnic, come rain or shine, dress the salad or sizzle your sausage with a drizzle of oil. This retro style oil container looks really cool in any kitchen or on any table with a secure screw lid to pack up for a day in the park. Inspired by vintage motor oil brands.

Waterproof Note Book
Creating recipes in the Kitchen, he won’t forget or smudge his creations with this stone paper Waterproof Notebook in a rugged tan cover on hand. Don’t loose your train of thought or damage your work with the all weather note keeper. Pop it in your pocket and take it fishing, on walks and on those adventure holidays for inspiring writing that will stay safe and be ready and waiting even when you get them lyrics flowing in the shower, just put your hand out and write it down. No need to dry the hands !

Pocket Tin Speaker
Music on the move whenever and wherever he wants to grove or just sit down on the grass under a tree with a bit of smooth. The portable speaker in a tin box that fit’s in your pocket can amp out the tunes to fill a room when the electric goes down. Just plug into your smartphone and turn it up. Let’s get this party started with 12 hours playback he should be back in time for breakfast. Comes with a USB cable.


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