3 cool secret Santa gift ideas under £10

3 cool secret Santa gift ideas under £10

It’s secret Santa time! Close your eyes, put your hand in the hat and pray to god you pick someone good. Uh oh, it’s Darren from Accounts Payable. You must have had about two conversations with him in the last year and the only things you know about him are that his name is Darren and that he works in Accounts Payable, how can you possibly think of xmas gift Ideas for him?!

Never fear, Luckies is here with 3 cool secret Santa gift Ideas under £10 that are guaranteed to please, no matter who opens them. Get Darren one of these puppies and who knows? It may spark a conversation, a joke, a work friendship, and maybe this time next year you’ll be swirling your hand around in that hat saying ‘Please let me get Darren, please let me get Darren…”

  1. Magni-Viewer
    If you’re looking for secret Santa gift ideas then this is the perfect pocket sized travel gift. A smartphone magnifier that doubles the size of your screen, perfect for long haul flights or train journeys when you want to watch a series of Game of Thrones or reruns of Catchphrase, or whatever floats your boat. Small enough to fit in your suitcase but big enough to watch with friends.
  2. Ice Cream Socks
    When it comes to secret Santa Gifts, you can’t go wrong with a pair of socks. Everybody likes them and, most importantly, everybody wears them. These novelty Christmas gift ideas come in the shape of an ice cream cone and are available in two flavours; mint choc chip and hundreds and thousands.
  3. Hologram Viewer
    This has to be the coolest Secret Santa gift anyone has ever received, and you’ll certainly be the coolest person at the party for bringing it. This futuristic gift allows the recipient to create and watch their own holograms. So if you’ve ever fancied leaving a message for your future self or playing a prank on your friend and leaving them a message from the future warning them to keep buying you drinks all night lest the world should end, then this is the secret Santa gift for you.


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