3 cool thank you gift ideas for her

3 cool thank you gift ideas for her

Sometimes when you fluff up, a card is enough. And sometimes, well, it isn’t. Whether you knocked the wing mirror off when you borrowed your mum’s car, tracked your muddy football boots through the Living Room, or forgot to book the flights for your girls holiday when they were cheap, sometimes it’s going to take more than a bat of the eyelashes to get you out of hot water. If you’re stuck for Ideas, on a tight budget, or just desperate to make it right so you don’t have to sleep in the shed, we’ve got three Ideas that might just save your neck.

You Complete Me is a heart shaped jigsaw that you put together, write on, and then break apart, allowing the lucky recipient who you wronged see your apology in writing. Maybe use it as an IOU for an apology dinner. If you really want your brownie points back.

What did you break? Whilst we’re not sure animal print washi tape has the power to mend broken hearts, it’s still a sweet, thoughtful gift that will make her laugh, especially seeing as you put a crack in her favourite mug when you bunged it in the microwave.

Ice Cream Socks, the perfect gift for a cute apology. Not only will she be able to keep her feet warm, but she won’t be able to get upset that you’re trying to ruin her diet by buying her actual real life ice cream. You could always buy the ice cream as well, and if she doesn’t want it, more for you. Everyone’s a winner!


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