3 Cool Travel Gadgets For Men

3 Cool Travel Gadgets For Men

For men who like to travel and look cool with Gadgets that make a difference to their journey with these 3 thoughtful and useful gadget gifts. Ideal Travel Gadgets that make great unique Gifts for Birthdays and Fathers Day. For the men that love camping Bear Grylis style and you want to make sure he has the Travel gadget for the job, or for the Biker who wants to pop in and out of countries on those long open highways, or the Business Man who travels a lot and needs help to occupy his time on those long haul flights.

Milk Light
Your Camping and Festival Men will be pleased if you pack him this pint of milk.You will be giving him vitamin D and eyes in the dark rather than calcium. No electricity needed with this cool portable travel light. Looks like the old pint milk bottle of yesteryear but is a rechargeable night light lasting up to 6 hours. Light to pack and carry this LED light gives off an ambient white glow from it’s outer glass and translucent inner ensuring a relaxing atmosphere and good nights sleep with no need to feel your way around in the wilderness.

Stamp Map Passport
Travel Gadgets don’t get much better than this personalised stamp map and passport for the cool guy hitting the open road and turning up anywhere he pleases for great adventures with this guide and record gift by his side. Comes in a beautifully presented gift box with 2 quality wood and brass stamps to plan and record travels. The Maps have been created in the style of a passport to hold personal information and packs easy into a pocket making it easy to use when on the move.

Lightmark Bookmark
Anyone on long haul travel will know the annoyance of overhead spotlights disturbing the neighbours and blinding tired eyes. No need to crease the corners down on your book or loose the page with this clip light page saver. Use the Lightmark Bookmark cool travel gadget to do a spot of swatting on your travel scratch-map even when the hostess has turned the lights down, yours will still be shining to make them last minute plans to your travel schedule.


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