3 Fail Safe Secret Santa Ideas for your Boss

3 Fail Safe Secret Santa Ideas for your Boss

It’s that time of year where every office worker pretends to hate the ritual that is Secret Santa. Though the office is dripping in dusty tinsel and fairy lights that haven’t been PAT tested, all workers act surprised when Julie from Sales comes round asking you to pick a name out of a hat. Here at Luckies, we want to help you plan ahead with 3 fail safe secret Santa ideas for your boss, whatever their managerial style may be. And remember, it’s not ‘if’ you pull out your boss’s name, but when…

Secret Santa Ideas for the Boss Who’s Your Best Friend – Umbrella

If you’re fortunate enough to have a line manager who’s become your best friend in the work place then you’re sure to share tea breaks. Whether you plant the idea of a brew with a mutual glance over computer screens or the less subtle email with subject: ‘Tea?’, a Secret Santa gift of a tea infuser will certainly be well received.

Umbrella is a cute tea infuser for loose tea leaves that is sure to brighten up all Monday mornings. Be it decaf, green tea or a bit of Earl Grey to get through Wednesday afternoon, this fail safe secret Santa may not stay so secret due to your shared brew love but will certainly brighten up admin-heavy rainy days.

Secret Santa Ideas for the Scary/Sweary Boss – Cloudy Sponge Holder

If your boss is the scary kind that can barely draw a breath due to the amount of curse words flying around then they better wash their mouth out with a bar of soap! Cloudy Sponge Holder is the next best thing as this quirky cloud shaped sponge holder will hold all soapy sponges to avoid murky sponge puddles around the sink.

Cloudy Sponge Holder won’t break the bank this Secret Santa, a fail safe when buying for a scary boss. Plus the good thing with this time old tradition being secret is they won’t know who the gift is from, ideal for when you’re being ever so slightly cheeky…might give them something to curse about.

Secret Santa Ideas for the Boss You’re Desperate To Impress – Paper Peg

We’ve all had those bosses that catch you just at the wrong moment; when you log into Facebook on the work computer, when you’re helping yourself to a second lunch or when you’re simply sat…doing…nothing. Paper Peg, the combined stapler and paper clip could be the answer to your conundrum by showing your boss you’ve thought outside the box through multifunctioning stationary!

This dual performer will help organise all those invoices you’re waiting your boss to sign off which you’re a bit too timid to remind them about, on account of thinking your boss hates you…