3 innovative new home gifts and gift ideas

3 innovative new home gifts and gift ideas

Looking for unique and unusual new home gifts far greater than the usual housewarming gifts? Take a look at our top 3 new home gifts for him and her.

It’s hard moving house. The clear out. The packing. The re-packing. The unpacking. And then you move in and everyone buys you a new home gift, and suddenly your new house is full of stuff you don’t need all over again. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to be the person filling another’s new abode with things they don’t want but politely accept. At Luckies, we have a wealth of products that work EXCELLENTLY as gifts for new homes. Whether you think they’ll need something for the kitchen, garden, office, or a nice map for the wall so that they can plan their travelling for after they’ve paid off the mortgage; here’s three gift ideas for when you’re on your way to a housewarming.

Get organised new home gifts – MY TIME
New home means reminders. Organising. The bin day has changed. They can’t remember the neighbours’s names. Fear not, My Time is a cool adaptable organiser. A chalkboard that comes like a roll of tape, you can stick this wipeable material anywhere. Fridges, mirrors. Soft enough to stick pins in, it’s the ultimate in customisable organisation.

New home gifts to for the kitchen – ROCKET PLANTER
Flowers are nice and everything, but they do eventually perish, and they’ll have a houseful. Our Rocket Planter is a cool, stylish plant pot, shaped like the back end of a rocket. Simply supply your own red or orange plant for the full fiery effect. Then if they accidentally cause it to die themselves, they can keep on replacing it.

New home gifts for the bedroom – HANG UP
An ambient light, perfect for the back of the bedroom door, in the deep, dark wardrobe, or equally adaptable to anywhere else they want to hang it. An IHA Global Innovation Awards Finalist, this beautifully designed light glows for up to 20 hours with AAA batteries. That’s plenty of getting dressed in the dark that can be avoided.