3 killer gifts every man must have

3 killer gifts every man must have

Every year they have a birthday and every year it gets harder to keep thinking up cool gift ideas for men. Yes, you’ve had some great gift ideas for him over the years; (he really did love those fluffy slippers) and you’ve had some not so great successes (the cat he was allergic to) but mainly, over the years you’ve bought him so many shirts and novelty mugs he could probably open an ‘average gifts for men’ eBay shop. Well, this year will be different, you are determined to win that best present trophy and get him some really unusual gifts that will blow his mind! And that’s why you need our 3 killer gifts every man must have.

Adventure Map
There are gifts for men and there are AWESOME gifts for men, and this is the latter. A scratch map featuring over 280 must-do bucket list experiences. The ultimate travel gift for he who likes to discover and conquer the world, and any self confessed adrenaline junkies out there. The only catch should be that he has to take you with him on his adventures; it’s only fair.

Hologram Viewer
Unusual gifts for men don’t come more left field than this. He can use it to create and share his own 3D Holograms, like some kind of Magician! An awesome party trick and hours of space age entertainment. A fun and quirky birthday gift idea for a boyfriend, Dad, nephew, or anyone who’s into gadgets. The Hologram Viewer would make a killer Christmas gift and a neat little secret Santa gift too.

Barbecue Stamp
Still stumped for gift ideas for him? You may have thought you’ve exhausted every gift avenue, but just try and imagine his face as he opens his very own Barbecue Stamp. You’re not a real man (or woman) until you have conquered the BBQ, and what better tool to aid you in your quest. He can stamp his burgers and steaks ‘Black & Blue’, ‘Little Bit of Blood’ and there’s even a ‘Nearly Burnt’ side for the guest who requests it. (There’s always one.)


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