3 killer Secret Santa Gifts

3 killer Secret Santa Gifts

It’s time. You can resist all you want, but you know, every year, whether it’s office, knitting circle, or Tuesday night football league; you are going to get dragged into the potentially very stressful game of Secret Santa. Sometimes the universe will cut you a break, and you’ll get an easy ride. Someone you know exactly what sort of gift to buy. Exactly what paper to wrap it in even. But sometimes, sometimes Saint Nick can be a cruel and unforgiving deity, and you get Dwayne in accounting who has no discernible interests, or that girl from football whose name you’ve only worked out through process of elimination.

Whatever gifting struggle Christmas has thrown at you, with whatever budget, one of these 3 killer Secret Santa gifts should do the trick…

Under a tenner – Hologram Viewer
Everyone loves pretty lights, especially at Christmas, and if they can fit them in their pocket, then all the better. The Luckies Hologram Viewer allows your fortunate receiver to create their own artistic magic through an app they download, and then project their creations from their phone and out in the world. The perfect gift for any techies, design geeks, and people who can’t stay off their phones, which might be everyone at this point.

Office Space – DIY Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy
If you’re sharing your desk with the sort of monster who chews their pens and leaves them all over the place, they might be in need of the Luckies Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy. Not only will it keep all their leaky biros, scissors, and cocktail sticks that no one understands why they neat and tidy and away from you, they can also doodle all over the bin, claiming it as their own.

Festive Fancies – Nutter Cookie Cutter
Everyone knows that really, deep down, the only thing anyone really cares about at Christmas besides the cool gifts is the food. The trifles. The roast. The cold cuts the day after. The cranberry sauce. The cheeseboards. And then…the biscuits. In some cultures it’s traditional to hang biscuits from the actual tree. We’re telling you now – they wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the Luckies office. But if you think your Secret Santa victim might fare a little better, the Nutter Cookie Cutter is ready to make all the squirrel shaped cookies Christmas could possibly require. And maybe they’ll make you some before the January guilt diet kicks in.