3 must have tech gifts for smartphones

3 must have tech gifts for smartphones

3 cool tech Gifts for anyone who is obsessed with their smartphone

With new smartphones hitting the shelves all the time, it’s hard to come by a person who isn’t slightly addicted to their phone. Here at Luckies, we believe it’s important to spend less time on our phones and more time in the real world. With these 3 tech Gifts, you can achieve both at the same time, by enjoying what your smartphone has to offer with the people around you.

  1. Smartphone Projector 2.0
    Want to watch the latest viral video with all your friends? The Smartphone Projector 2.0 allows you to do just that without having to crowd around one person’s phone. Just slide your phone into the back of the ready built projector, turn off all lights, point the projector towards any blank wall, gather your friends and enjoy.
  2. Smartphone Magnifier
    Bigger is better, right? Even though smartphones are getting bigger with every new release, there’s always room for improvement. With the Smartphone Magnifier, there is no need to upgrade when a new phone comes out. This handy tech gift is a practical lo-fi way to enjoy content twice the size of your phone’s screen.
  3. Magni-Viewer™
    The Magni-Viewer™ is perfect for smartphone addicts spend their mornings on public transport. The portable and compact design means a bigger screen is possible whether you are traveling near or far. This means no more headaches while keeping up to date with the latest Netflix series on the way to work. Revolutionise your friends commute by gifting them there very own Magni-Viewer™ this holiday season.


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