3 Must have Travel Maps

3 Must have Travel Maps

The Country of ” Dreams Come True “. Swim with the Dolphins in Florida, Honey moon breakfast helicopter ride into the Gran Canyon, Road trip Route 66, eat Lobster in New England and skate in Central Park. We all want this and we know many people dreaming of the Golden Gate Bridge straight onto the film set of San Francisco. We are seduced by the movies, Sleepless in Seattle or serendipity in New York.

Let the U S A Scratch Map make your dreams come true.Once you have started the Journey, there will be no stopping you on a quest to experience the vast American dream as you scratch away at the very attractive stars and stripes flag shaped map revealing your achievements with knowledge and facts.

You have just starred in your own movie

Scratch Map Capitals

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and made a wish ? The Capitals Scratch Map reminds me of the night sky printed on matte black paper. Then Scratching off to reveal sparkly colour facts, shining like a shooting star falling on the amazing city’s around the world igniting the buzz of nightlife, arts and culture, history and traditions.

You have just experienced the colourful cultures of the world.

Scratch Map Oceans

Life beneath the waves is as magical as it is above but without noise pollution. For those lucky enough to have dived, will know the feeling of being in paradise. It is very moving like coming home because after all we came from the sea and we are made up of 60% saltwater so our attraction to the ocean is natural.

The ocean themed map will reveal the wonders of the world through a crystal clear acrylic body of the ocean with rainbow reflection spheres of information under the surface of the shimmering silver foil.

A beautiful gift reminding us of the beauty of nature.