3 Perfect Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

3 Perfect Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Making it easy to find that perfect gift with these 3 unique personal gifts for men to suit a variety of characters who have everything. A showman who likes to put on a party for his friends with an element of surprise and fun, or the active man who dreams of travel and adventure’s in new places, or maybe a practical man that likes to have the right equipment for that outdoor activity.

Chain Bottle Holder

Taking us out of our conventional thinking this everyday object has been skillfully engineered into a unique sculpture for the functional purpose of a wine bottle holder. Forget your dull wine rack, with this eye catcher you can impress your guests with the illusion that the wine bottle is floating which may make you think, you have had one too many !.

Scratch Map Personalised World Map Poster

It seems today that more and more young people are seeing the world, often hearing people saying, ” oh they have gone off back packing before they settle down into their chosen careers”. This is a wonderful experience but it is never too late to make your mans dream a reality. Does he like trekking and watches a lot of nature programs ? perhaps walking up Kilimanjaro, or cycling the Great Wall of China, or skiing near Lake Tahoe. The personalised world map will encourage such trips and scratch the foil covered places to reveal the colours of the big World out there. Perhaps you will cross paths with your kids in Hong Kong as you refuel.!

The Explorer Bottle

Is the perfect gift for men who take their outdoor activities seriously. They have got their camouflage pants, gore tex jacket and the latest in high tech hiking boots. The Explorer Bottle featuring a carry loop will fit nicely to their ruck sack. This reusable stainless steel water bottle with bamboo screw lid and anodised matte black finish will complete the look and get him to the end of his course.

You Find The Character In Your Men, and We Will Find You The Perfect Gift.