3 perfect thank you gift ideas for him

3 perfect thank you gift ideas for him

How do you thank a man? You can’t just buy them flowers can you? Well, you could but it’s not usually the done thing. A bottle of wine maybe but that’s a bit boring. Come on, we can think of better thank you gifts than that! How about a cool home gadget? We’ve got plenty. Or a quirky kitchen accessory? We’ve got a ton of those. Or something for his home office? So many cute stationery gifts to choose from! What you want are thank you gifts for him that are thoughtful and personal that you know he’ll use, that’s the way to go. And you can start by checking out these 3 perfect thank you gift ideas for him.

1. Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY
An ultra cool gadget that can be personalised. The smartphone projector turns his smartphone into a home cinema perfect for use in his man cave. He can use it to screen home movies or create his own open air cinema in the garden. Either way this will make the perfect housewarming gift for him. This edition comes in plain white and 4 coloured marker pens meaning you can doodle it and write your own personal message of thanks before you give it to him.

2. Rocket Planter

If you want to go the traditional plant-based thank you gift route, you can ‘man it up’ a bit with this unusual house warming gift. This ceramic plant pot is in the shape of a crashed space rocket and to make it a really cool gift you can pre plant some flame-like plants in it such as snake plant, aloe or house leek.

3. Robot Corkers
If you’re not still not sold on our thank you gift ideas for men and you’re insisting on getting him a bottle of wine to say thanks, then there is a way you can make your gift a lot more special. Pair that wine with one of our Corkers. The Robot edition comes in 4 designs; Yuri, Willy, Luke or Bella. Or get all 4 to mix and match and he can create his own Robot friends.