3 Smartphone Gadgets For Men

3 Smartphone Gadgets For Men

Got to love a gadget man who makes life easier and knows how to have fun. Don’t know about you, but I am always impressed when a man get’s the right tool out just at the right time. Where does he keep them all ?
Here are 3 ingenious and novel gadget gifts to delight

Luma Smartphone Light

This quirky little lamp shaped luma light will clip to your Smartphone and give you a soft nightlight. This small light weight gadget is convenient to pack for camping trips, road trips and festivals. A portable nightlight to avoid going ” bump ” in the night. Available with a red or grey clip

Undercover Phone Sleeve

This is a really useful gadget to keep all your personal items safe. always loosing those car keys, things falling out of your pockets and getting lost or stolen. The secret phone sleeve is disguised as a battered envelope but is in fact a very strong easy to handle holder made from tyvek and is shockproof and waterproof. The envelope looks like a real manila envelope with a label and stamp marks but inside is a luxury red satin lining to protect personal property.

Smartphone Speakers

Music really took to the streets after the invention of the boombox in 1969. It became crucial to break dance with the ghetto blaster and then later in the 80’s for impromptu rapping. This retro portable speaker box packs an impressive volume and sound for a picnic in the park.
The cute cube shaped speaker is compatible with Smartphone, MP 3 player and laptop and you can choose a black pitted leather look with chrome corners or comes in brown with copper. Have a great day out with this easy to carry speaker with 40 hours playback.