3 Stocking Fillers for Men Who Have Everything

3 Stocking Fillers for Men Who Have Everything

When it comes to Christmas time, it’s hard to know what to get the male contingent of your family. Socks stopped being an acceptable gift when you hit puberty and over your dead body are you spending a week’s wages on a computer game that will render your existence on this earth obsolete. Here’s a little guide to help you outsmart Santa, designed to get you and your family in the Christmas spirit and tackle that age-old problem of what to get the man who has everything.

The Perfect Stocking Filler for the Boyfriend Who Has Everything – Manpoints

The daring game of Manpoints may not be very festive, but it’s certainly a great gift for guys with a somewhat competitive nature. Designed to turn your man from chump to champ, the manly dares are segregated into categories with a points system that increases depending on how dastardly the task at hand is. P.S. Ladies – there are even some cleverly positioned challenges to encourage him to be chivalrous and romantic – is this really a gift for him or you?

The Perfect Stocking Filler for the Brother Who Has Everything – Tablet Tuxedo

If your brother is quicker to treat himself to the latest Harry Potter book before you can say ‘Expectrum Patronus’ then you’ll know the frustration of searching for a Christmas gift for the brother who has everything. So when people are telling you it’s the season to be jolly and you feel anything but whilst you frantically trawl through the shops to find something your brother doesn’t already own, just remember we’re here to help. Introducing our Tablet Tuxedo – a smart suit shaped case for your tablet or iPad that means your brother’s gadgets will not only be protected from scratches and prying eyes, but will probably be better dressed than him.

The Perfect Stocking Filler for the Dad Who Has Everything – In-Car-Nito

If your Dad is the kind of fella to read up on everything, to visit every exhibition, to buy every latest film release, you’ll probably have to think outside the box when it comes to Christmas gifts. Why not get him In-Car-Nito? An unusual gift that he’s probably not thought of yet. On the surface it’s just an old vintage book, but when you inspect it further it’s actually a cleverly disguised hideaway to keep your belongings safe in the car! Guaranteed to brighten up his Christmas morning and bound to win you a few extra slices of turkey when it comes to Christmas dinner serving time.