3 stocking fillers under £20

3 stocking fillers under £20

You need 3 stocking fillers under £20 and you need them fast. We know what it’s like, you’ve spent weeks Christmas shopping and you’ve found the perfect xmas presents for everyone.

A main present, some smaller presents and one or two things to go in their Christmas stockings. But it’s not enough, IT’S NEVER ENOUGH! You still need some cool stocking fillers for him and some super duper awesome stocking fillers for her, but you also need them to be stocking fillers on a budget because you insisted on getting the ‘really big’ tree this year and the fancy decorations too. Luckies to the rescue; here are our 3 stocking fillers under £20. Go!

For really unusual Christmas gifts you have to think outside the box. Our Chill Bill penguin shaped odour absorber will definitely be the last thing they’ll be expecting to open on Christmas morning. But he’s not only a quirky kitchen gift, but a really useful gift too.

Pop him in the fridge and he’ll will happily absorb all the odours of smelly Christmas cheeses, leftover take aways and gone off milk. Just throw him a tiny imaginary fish now and again to say thanks.

One of the coolest and most impressive of our affordable stocking fillers has got to be the Pocket Tin Speaker. For under twenty pounds you can give this gift to music lovers so they can play their tunes in the park, on holiday, at work and annoy strangers on public transport wherever they go.
Cool stocking fillers can come in very small packages, as small as a box of matches in this case! Our Matchstick Pencils are styled as oversized matchsticks and come in a vintage style matchstick box. A fun and quirky Christmas gift idea that will make a welcome addition to any stocking.