3 Top Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

3 Top Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

If you are a girl and have 3 brothers then you will have grown up with 3 unique men but with all of them having a similar sense of humour and values. When you ask Dad “why must I go to the local Baseball ground every Saturday to watch football from the stands in freezing cold weather and fishing on the River Trent or local lakes on a Sunday, attaching maggots to a hook? the answer is this : ” Well daughter, you came rather quickly in fact the doctor did not arrive in time, and I had to deliver you myself, and I got rather confused with the umbilical cord and thought you were a boy”.

That thinking has never gone away, 3 to 1 always wins. But the good news is gift hunting is easy. Here are 3 Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Men that could be brothers or confused fathers. Let us base them on the 3 brothers who are, 1. likes nice things, deep thinker, 2. sporty and social, 3. likes own space and leisure

The Lasso Wine Bottle Holder
Well number 1 brother is Aquarian so of course he likes nice things and technology, and thinks too much so he will be impressed with the unique lasso wine bottle holder. Natural products appeal like glass and metals, recycle or unusual, like this rope that is moulded around metal to look like a lasso, in perfect balance to support a wine bottle that looks like it is floating.

BBQ Stamp
Number 2 brother is born in Cancer and the shell is not for shy but protection of himself and family. When he comes out of the shell, he is sociable and likes nothing more than to look after his guests with a BBQ and add his own stamp. This would be the perfect gift for him to say I have cooked the steak just as you like it ” black or blue”. Warm this iron stamp on the coals and show your friends you made the effort.

Personalised Scratch Map
Number 3 is tricky, as you will see. The first 2 represent animal and human, breathing objects. No 3 is born Libra, a set of scales. Could go one way or the other. But they are always grateful and the justice of the scales will mean if thoughtful all will balance. So I would avoid practical and head for a scratch map which helps with the time he likes to spend in thought. A bit of ME time to plan his travels. No need to write down, they remember things. He will love the Scratch Map poster with foil cover to reveal his personalised travel. He loves a goal and something to look forward to and experience. The World Scratch Map will keep a positive outlook and balance the thought of all work , no pleasure. The Scratch Map Stamp will give him control and confidence, but there are plenty of unique and original scratch maps to choose from to suit all personalities .

Live life to the full whatever your birthday.