3 Top Gift Ideas for Him

3 Top Gift Ideas for Him

Gift ideas for fathers who go goggle eyed in the office, where staring at a computer all day can be very tiring and you want to give him a mental break with a cheerful inspiring gift. Or perhaps your nephew is graduating and you want to congratulate him and wish him luck for the future with a thoughtful but useful gift. Maybe it is your brothers birthday and he loves to be create in the kitchen and entertain so you are looking for a gift he can really show off with.

Corkboard Map

The Corkboard Map will look amazing on any office wall, naturally cork cut out Map of the countries and islands of the World. Strong adhesive backing to hold secure in place. A reminder for that office worker that he is working to have fun,and to travel, the cork map will keep those dreams alive and be the catalyst to much excited planning and perhaps a little competition in the office to see who will travel the most on the World Map. They could have a sweep on how much of a country can be explored in the one trip, perhaps in miles or cities or monuments then they have to bring the photographic evidence in and record it on the cork map. The Corkboard Map comes in a lovely presented natural card box, with cork pieces wrapped in tissue and an outline of the world on the lid. Also comes with 16 quality pins

Adventure Journal

The Adventure Journal is a top gift for graduation or retirement from work, and embarking on an adventure of lifetime which is anything they choose and with the help of the journal, the World is at their feet, now that the hard work is done, have some fun. The matte black and gold 64 page journal will be their companion and dream maker with 300 hundred bucket list ideas, as they freely step out onto the highway of World travel and adventure. As it is a record keeper it also comes with 8 mini scratch maps to reveal and log all wrapped up in a rugged folder to keep travel documents safe and together for on the move ease of use.

Chain Bottle Holder

Entertainment doesn’t get any better than this. ” Oh he is such a show off ” !, get him the floating wine bottle and he will be the centre of attention and talking point at the party. The chain bottle holder is made from chrome chain that curves upwards and welded to balance a wine bottle giving the illusion of levitation. Looking beyond our own conceptions of reality with a spot of humour and wonder, and now for my next trick ? Peleg designer products creating everyday products into fresh and functional fun gifts.