3 unique and unusual Gift Ideas for Men

3 unique and unusual Gift Ideas for Men

For men who like different and stand out from the crowd rather than following it, just by being themselves.. Their not in a box of sorts, but the World needs more Characters like these who just do their own thing. All is not what it seems with these 3 unique and unusual gift ideas for Men.

Brown Paper Bag

Whilst most people think it would be most uncool to bring your sandwiches to work in a brown paper bag, this unusual insulated lunch bag does look American smooth and cool.for the man that doesn’t want to be square, not a care, anyway his lunch is safe in this durable, tear resistant and leak resistant lunch bag that looks like a brown paper bag. Sturdy double magnetic fasteners keeps it tight shut for a perfectly cool lunch. You may want to write your name on it as you look real cool with the easy to handle lunch bag and you wouldn’t want anyone grabbing it. What a guy !

Video Notebook

Whenever we see something retro, we want to pick it up and have a look. This notebook looks like the old VHS tape that we used to use to record our favourite programmes and films. Not that long ago but with the download digital and smart t v, they are obsolete so we get that nostalgia feeling like it is a part of your life at some point. Children are fascinated by retro gadgets to know just how they work and how much effort was involved just to get the show on the road. This VHS sleeve covers a notebook so that will fox them. Contains 260 pages and set stickers to write down your favourite film, oh I mean the name of your next novel !


Robohook designed by Peleg, is your unique magnetic buddy with a need to please. The bright red robot will stick to radiators or fridges and he will hang for dear life just so that you don’t loose your keys, or bottle opener. Hang out with your robot and he will even hold your towel out for you when you’ve washed your hands. He is one great guy. His logic is undeniable ! A fun and unique gift.