3 Unique Gift Ideas for the Gadget Obsessed Technophile in your Life

3 Unique Gift Ideas for the Gadget Obsessed Technophile in your Life

In a society where you stand out if you don’t post everything you eat in a day on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, it’s safe to say that gadget obsessed technophiles are everywhere. Usually spotted camping outside the Apple flagship store three days before the new iPhone drops or stuffing freebee memory sticks into their coat pockets at work conferences, the tech savvy are not to be messed with. That being said, thinking of cool Birthday Gift Ideas for these gadget fanatics can be a little daunting, particularly if you’re still getting to grips with touch screen. So, being the helpful little so-and-sos that we are, Luckies have devised three unique gift ideas suitable for any tech-o-holic…

First up on our list of fun gift ideas for the gadget obsessed technophile is our Smartphone Projector. A D.I.Y. portable cinema in a box, this little gadget might even have impressed Steve Jobs. Whoa. With up to 8 x magnification, you can project your favourite YouTube fails onto your bedroom wall, set up visuals for a house party or even host a private screening of your holiday photos (just don’t blame us if no one turns up). Whether you’re stuck for gift ideas for your boyfriend or need last minute gift ideas for a hipster friend, Smartphone Projector is the one for you!

If you’re looking for Anniversary Gift Ideas for a gadget obsessed technophile, you probably need a bigger gesture than just the Smartphone Projector on its own. So why not pair it with its audio sibling Smartphone Speaker?! After all, there’s nothing a tech-o-holic loves more than aesthetically matching gadgets. Boasting 40 hours playback, the Smartphone Speaker is lightweight and compact meaning you can fit it in your suitcase to surprise your loved one with on that trip to Venice you also booked for your anniversary…

The final addition in our tech-tastic gift ideas bonanza is our Hi! Voice Recorder. Why talk to each face to face when you can record messages for each other instead?! Available in red or blue, a subtle red light flashes when there’s a message to be heard. Stick it on your fridge (it’s magnetic don’t you know) and let the fun begin.


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