3 Unusual Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

3 Unusual Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

For the man that has everything we have to look at what he is in to and then find something unusual that will not only surprise but he will be able to use it for recreational pleasure or practical enhancement.

Using a bit of lateral thinking will serve you well in choosing just the right gift, for instance one would associate the portable speaker with a party in the park but perhaps he likes to listen to the sports why the family get on with their day out with a little pocket money persuasion for that ice cream of course !

Pocket Tin Speaker
A rechargeable portable speaker in a smart silver metal tin with raised scripture is a smart looking gift. Small enough to fit in your pocket but loud enough to fill a room.No more lonely walks when you need a bit of encouragement and motivation to get to your destination, or perhaps your at the beach with a group of friends and want some chill out music to relax to.

The Pocket Tin Speaker comes with a USB lead and features 12 hours playback so spotify your favourite tunes and enjoy a no stress day.

Adventure Journal
Record your thoughts and personal travel information in the 64 pages of this quality matte black finish travel journal. More like a good friend really encouraging you to act out your dream adventures, with 300 bucket list ideas that will inspire but then could lead to your own ideas and aspirations. The Adventure Journal gives you that push to express yourself with the added fun of 8 mini Scratch Maps, just like the poster size world maps, covered in gold foil to reveal personalised journey. Comes in a high quality card folder, useful to protect and keep travel documents safe.

Camera Light
Take the ordinary object of the original camera and turn it into a cool retro light. Any budding photographer will find this gift very endearing and anyone who likes an unusual but useful item to enrich a rooms decor or to take on trips for a subtle ambience and good nights sleep. The charge lasts 12 hours and comes with a USB cable.