3 Valentine’s Gifts for When You’ve Just Started Dating

3 Valentine’s Gifts for When You’ve Just Started Dating

Some things in life are just awkward. Leaving the house with your skirt tucked into your knickers… running for a bus that speeds off the moment you reach the stop… dating someone for a mere month when Valentine’s Day strikes. You haven’t had ‘The Chat’ yet but you like them too much to pretend it’s just another ordinary day. What do you do?! The good news is that Luckies are here to help with a whole host of fun, and unusual gift ideas which will leave you in your lover’s good books. Here’s our top 3:

Pocket Tin Speaker

This speaker has all bases covered – it looks cool, sounds great and is less than £20. If you really want to put the effort in, you could pre-prepare a playlist to blast through this small-but-mighty bit of kit, showing off your fabulous music tastes. Let’s Get It On? Maybe a bit a much…

Mon Cherry

It’s kitsch, it’s quirky and it’s cuter than a box of kittens. Mon Cherry is the sweetest gift for any lover who likes a sweet treat but isn’t quite ready to go wedding cake tasting with you. With a loveable name and handy measuring cherries, make them enough baked goodies and you’ll be cutting that three tiered cake together in no time.

Greetings Card Kit

Card shops up are being filled with cards brandishing, “I’ll Love You to the Moon and Back” and “Be My Valentine”. But you don’t even know when your squeeze’s birthday is! You’re not ready for a card declaring anything other than your commitment to watch the latest series of Sherlock with them. This is where the Greeting Card Kit comes in. Choose one of the four stamps and write your own greeting with your preferred level of intimacy. This year we’ll be going with… YOU ARE worth deleting Tinder for.  Beautifully packaged, you can always buy it for your beau if they’re a crafty so and so!