3 Ways to Celebrate International Watermelon Day

3 Ways to Celebrate International Watermelon Day

It’s International Watermelon Day, hurrah! Whilst it may not be a date that takes pride of place in your calendar, it’s definitely an excuse for a celebration. And anything that showcases how super watermelons are gets our vote! Plus it’s definitely a theme that throws out loads of cool gift ideas for summer babies – if your friends or family are fruit nuts, then think about theming their birthday celebrations around some of these suggestions.

Make A Fruity Feast

Let’s start with the obvious – watermelon is super tasty, and super healthy, so it makes the perfect treat on those hot summer days. Make a super fruit salad with all your favourites, and chow down on some 5-a-day goodness. If you want to really impress your friends with some awesome presentation, use Cucumbo to spiralise some of the harder fruits (apples, pears etc.), and line the bowl with lollipop shaped slices of watermelon, courtesy of Pepo melon slicer. Pepo makes for a super cool gift for summer holidays – because who doesn’t like to eat fruit whilst pretending it’s an ice lolly? Fact of the Day: Pepo is the name for the family of fruit that watermelon belongs to – it’s actually classed as a berry! Throw that casually into conversation and prepare to feel clever for the rest of the day…

Throw a Tropical Party

Any excuse for a party, aye? Get fruity on a weekday with watermelon themed decorations – make some red and green bunting, but make sure you draw on some pips to ensure you don’t get confused and end up having an unplanned mid-year Christmas instead. Then think about drinks (hooray!). Blend up some watermelon and add your favourite spirits, squeezing in some lemon or lime to your tasting. Try using the Juice Bruce – a pointy Easter Island shaped citrus juicer that makes for a cool gift idea for any alcohol loving friend. Why not go all out and put your tropical punch in these Luckies Party Cups? An endless selection of funny faces that are guaranteed to liven up any gathering. Although remember kids, it is a school night, and Luckies accepts no responsibility for any hangovers…

Have A Watermelon Sports Day

This is possibly our favourite way to celebrate Watermelon Day… invite your friends over for a watermelon themed sports day! Play watermelon bowling (using some empty pop bottles as pins and a melon bowling ball), have boat races with hollowed out watermelon halves, host watermelon eating contests or come up with your own inventive ways to compete – make the prize something watermelon themed and you’ll be fighting out for poll position in no time!


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