4 Must Have Travel Gadgets

4 Must Have Travel Gadgets

When you hear those magical words ” Passports Please ”   you know you are on your way to your much earned and awaited trip, break or holiday. It doesn’t hurt to remember your P’s and Q’s so here we have 4 P’s in the form of Must Have Travel Gadgets that will save you from the Queues on your must relax with no stress holiday.

Give me a P for Planning and you can forget post its all over the fridge with this little gem. Introducing your personal planner and travel log.
has already got a checklist, budget page and diary space. Especially designed for travel, making it easy so you don’t forget. Planning and recording your travels is a joy with this must have travel gadget made from strong natural card with a folder to store the inclusive 8 mini scratch maps of the world and other travel documents you may wish to keep safe. If you like colour then this Travelogue comes in royal blue or maroon red.

Give me a P for Packing and you can forget waiting around at the arrivals trying to spot your case, they all look the same unless you get the Happy Flight tags designed by Alfie. Colour coded tags and passport covers.
Round Luggage Tags
The round or square luggage tags in choice of 6 striking colours will be instantly recognisable with information window for extra reassurance. The enamel p v c finish will never fade or get damaged when wet so your luggage will always shine like a beacon in the crowds.

Give me a P for passing the time on those long journeys. forget about work or home work it’s all about your holiday, so colour and discover with this great travel gadget
Discover the World in maps and flags, learning whilst you travel to your dream destinations. Hours of pleasure colouring in the pages of maps and scratching off  the copper foil like the original maps to record your journal and reveal information.

Give me a P for post travel and invite friends round for an evening of reminiscing and sharing great travel experience with the super range of travel Gadgets introducing……
The Smartphone Projector
Is part of a range of fun retro boxed and portable gadgets to watch videos with friends at 8 x the phone size you can have a laugh about all the fun things you got up to on your travels just like the old days when photos were on slides and you invited family round for the big viewing on the wall. Easy to assemble instructions and place your phone inside the back, turn the lights out and adjust focus. And a good time was had by all. Thank you, or is it Please !