4 unusually cool gifts to say goodbye

4 unusually cool gifts to say goodbye

Whether it’s your best mate leaving to travel and drink buckets in South East Asia or your favourite work colleague flying the corporate nest to live the startup dream, leaving sucks. You’re happy for them, sure, but when all the tears are shed and the goodbye cake eaten, you can’t ignore the empty desk/bed/position on the sofa left behind. Chin up old friend. We’ve put together our best leaving gifts below so they can take a little piece of you with them. Was that a little smile?

Memory Box

A nostalgic leaving gift for him or her, Memory Box is sure to tug at the heartstrings. Fill with keepsakes, notes, souvenirs, mementos, photos or any other bits you two have accumulated over the years and watch their heart melt when they unwrap it.

Memory box includes:

  • A6 plain notebook
  • Square tin
  • Brown envelope
  • Screw cap jar

Corkboard Map

When it comes to goodbye gifts, there’s a fine line between tugging at the heartstrings and wishing well. If you want to keep it light-hearted, we’d recommend our Corkboard Map as a leaving gift – a self-adhesive map of the world make from cork. Let your pal pin their way around the world by attaching photos, postcard, tickets and mementos. Or if they are an itinerary fanatic, let them map out their route, pin by pin.

Hologram Viewer

For the colleague that is leaving the office to join an uber trendy startup, try our Hologram Viewer. The perfect ‘congrats on the new job’ gift, Hologram Viewer lets you create, share and send personalised 3D holograms. Their new colleagues will definitely be impressed (even if they have just created an app to translate a dog’s bark into English).

Smartphone Magnifier

Last on our list is for lucky retirees. Even though we’re all secretly thinking, isn’t not having to go to work every day a gift in itself? You’re still required to provide a retirement gift. So, step right up Smartphone Magnifier. Let them relax in the bath whilst watching their favourite shows magnified from their mobile or share videos at twice the size with their retired friends whilst the rest of us are at work. Jealous? Us?