5 Cool Gift Ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties this Summer

5 Cool Gift Ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties this Summer

Is it just us or are children way more difficult to keep occupied at birthday parties these days? Gone are the days of sticking them in the Wendy House with some party banners so you can enjoy a GnT in the conservatory; now you need to plan an extensive itinerary of activities to keep those rugrats occupied right until the sun goes down. That’s where our cool gift Ideas come in. Whether you’re planning a party for the hippest 7 year old you know, or want to lend a neighbourly hand when dropping the kids at Timmy’s 12th, with our cool gift Ideas for childrens’ birthday parties this summer you’ll be guaranteed chocolate-birthday–cake-covered-smiles all round.

When 15 hyper, sugar-overloaded youngsters get together for a birthday party it’s always safe to have something on standby to avoid them turning their attention of your grandmother’s antique china set! Help prevent all catastrophes by being the super supportive guest by giving Book of Masks; 30 tear-out fancy dress masks from pirates to Cleopatra that are sure to keep them busy running round the garden while the host is getting themselves organised for the next birthday activity. And while you’re at it, why not guarantee yourself an extra big party bag with further cool gift ideas such as Party Cups, 12 fun filled paper cups that are covered in hysterical facial expressions that the kidos can play around with and keep hydrated if it’s a scorching summer day (see, they’re practical too!). Each paper cup has 4 faces and each pack comes with 12 different character design wraps which means they can get busy changing the design from a giggling clown to a nauseous pirate who’s had one too many slices of the birthday cake.

If, however, you’re determined to score the coolest parents/big sibling award with giving the trendiest birthday present to the birthday boy or girl, then it definitely has to look the part. Bring your gift to life with Animal Gift Wrap, one of our many sought after cool gift ideas as this awesome animal accessories craft set will completely transform any gift. Simply cover the birthday present in animal print wrapping paper and decorate with ears, feet, wings, flippers or even hooves! If however little Oscar is too mature to receive a birthday present decorated as a terrifying tiger (who wouldn’t love that?!) then Robot Gift Wrap is a far more sensible option and great activity for all his classmates to get involved in on the big day. Simply provide a few empty cereal boxes and set up a balloon and party-popper covered craft corner at the bottom of the garden to avoid glue and stickers being traipsed by tiny feet into the new carpet.

The final fifth of our cool gift ideas for children’s birthday parties this summer is the all-important wet-weather option. As the birthday boy or girl is busy unwrapping their enormous pile of presents, your swanky and well thought out OMY Giant Colouring Roll XXL may well come in handy should the heavens open on this British summertime birthday party. With over a meter spread of colouring in to be done, either lie it across the patio surrounded by mounds of yummy party rings and party hats or have it on standby in the balloon decorated sitting room should the weather turn. Also works great as something the children can take home with them, simply cut out their section of the colouring in for them to finish at home and compare at the school gates come Monday morning!


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