5 cool last minute birthday gift ideas

5 cool last minute birthday gift ideas

Sometimes, no matter how many post-its you write yourself, no matter how many phone notifications you set up, how many calendars there are hanging in your house, you go on Facebook, and you see; it’s their birthday, and you my friend, have FORGOTTEN. Now, it wouldn’t matter quite so much, you could blame the postman, blame the website you ordered their gift from, (when you haven’t actually ordered them anything), blame a shop for being closed. But you if you have to go to their party, not only are you the guy who turned up empty handed, but you also have to make your paltry excuse in front of a bunch of other people, and you don’t want that. No one does. Luckies is here to save you with 5 cool last minute birthday gift ideas.

Last minute travel oriented birthday gift ideas
If your giftee is someone who likes jetting off, the Adventure Journal is the perfect present. A bucket list of overseas travel activities for the adventurous, plus 8 mini Scratch Maps for updating once the experiences have been completed. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Birthday gift ideas for the home
Greenfingers? Space enthusiast? New home? There isn’t a person existing in 2017 that doesn’t have a cacti or a succulent, and where better to put one than our cool Rocket Planter? Complete the look for them by adding the gift of a red coloured houseplant, or just let them buy their own.

Gifts for birthday parties
If it’s more just a “bring something for the party” birthday situation, our Party Straws are the perfect gift. 24 straws, with 48 attachable mouths. Great for identifying drinks, and everyone else who brought a packet of napkins or a big bag of crisps will look really boring.

Cool gadget birthday gift ideas
The Camera Light is a great gift whether they’re a photography buff or not. A rechargeable light with lasting power of up to 12 hours on a full charge. A stylish addition to any bedroom, office, or even photography studio.

If you’re at a complete loss, make them promises to be fulfilled at a later date with our You Complete Me Birthday Puzzle. Simply complete the birthday cake puzzle, write your message and/or IOU, then disassemble and let them solve the puzzle for themselves when everyone’s gone.