5 Epic Gift Ideas for the Novelty Stationery Obsessed Junkie in your Life

5 Epic Gift Ideas for the Novelty Stationery Obsessed Junkie in your Life

Some people might scoff at the term ‘stationery junkie’ but that’s only because they haven’t had the pleasure of arriving home to find their flatmate knee deep in Sharpies. Maybe that stationery voucher wasn’t such a great gift idea after all? Since the dawn of scented gel pens (our favourite was Cinnamon), the world has seen a rapid increase in the number of stationary addicts. Most commonly found lurking around the pencil case aisle in a department store or sniffing the pages of a brand new book, the stationery junkie is only dangerous to approach if you forgot to put the lid back on their favourite highlighter. Oh, and if you got them a rubbish birthday gift.

There’s plenty of cool gift ideas out there for stationery nuts, but here at Luckies we want to help you avoid falling into the trap of the not so cool ‘back to school’ stationery gift ideas. If that sounds like you, have a little read of the best novelty stationery gift ideas below…

Fun gift ideas for the stationery obsessed don’t get much better than Custom Camper. This cool DIY stationery desk tidy is made out of card and allows you to create and personalise your very own van with the stickers included. Not only will it keep all those scented gel pens safe, it also makes any dull desk look pretty kitsch!

If campers aren’t your style but DIY stationery is, take a look at our Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy. This unique little organiser is designed to look like your regular wheelie bin (but much smaller obvs) and has a wipe clean, re-writeable surface so you can doodle messages and sketches to your heart’s content.

Next up on our list of cool stationery gift ideas is our Rubber Jonny. It’s not what you think, we promise! Tongue in cheek humour at its best, Rubber Jonny comes with 3 in a pack so there’s no excuse to be caught short…when you need an eraser.

If your stationery junkie has, shall we say, slightly more refined taste, why not surprise them with a Decomposition Notebook instead?! Designed by Brooklyn based Michael Roger, Decompostion Notebooks are available in two sizes and a range of colours and styles. Made from 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper with soy ink used to print the lined pages, call us enablers but at least stationery addicts buying these are doing right by the environment.

The final addition to our novelty stationery gift ideas list is the vintage looking Video Notebook. Designed by Peleg, this retro notebook is available with plain or lined pages and includes stickers and a sleeve just like a real VHS (if you can remember?!). The perfect gift for any writer, film buff or wannabe hipster.