5 Gifts for Every Budget Traveler

5 Gifts for Every Budget Traveler

Are you looking for a special travel gift to surprise a special traveller you dearly hold in your heart? “But what can I gift this special roamer? You could be wondering. Well, gifting travellers is the easiest thing to do. Most of them are very minimalist-carrying very few possessions – in their packaging. So, don’t think of space-consuming gifts. Instead, focus on items that occupy minimal space.

With minimal space in mind, you can also get items that are affordable, yet useful. Focus on gifts that can help the traveller chronicle memories of the adventure or journey. Having said that, let us try to review some of the ideal items that you can gift your beloved traveller.

Travel Chronicles
Scratch Map® Original Map

The Scratch Map® Original map has become a very common gift for the regular globe-trotters. Its packaging makes it very convenient for the frugal travellers who don’t want to carry heavy items. Its super quality matte tube not only makes it a perfect gift for the wanderlust but also protects the map from damage. A perfect gift for the traveller who wishes to record all his sojourns across the globe.

Travelogue Travel Journal
For a traveller with an unquenchable thirst for travel, the Travelogue Travel Journal will be the perfect gift. Confined in a stunning presentation folder, there is a journal for planning trips or keeping a diary while n travel. Additionally, it comes with 8 small Scratch Map® maps for you to scratch any area you have covered. The 64-page notebook will let you script anything you find worth remembering as you travel. What’s more, the journal has space for tucking your boarding pass, paper memorabilia, and tickets, resulting in a perfect repository for all your world sojourns.

Tech Essentials
Protective Laptop Sleeve-The Envelope

As you consider gifting a traveller, you must remember that we live in the digital age when we have to walk with all our tech paraphernalia. So, the envelope will help provide a protective cover for your tech-savvy traveller’s laptop and other digital items. Its slim design, inspired from the manila envelope, makes it very portable and convenient for any elegant traveller. Its strong tear- proof nature coupled with its additional lining makes it the perfect gift for any thrifty traveller.

Travel-friendly smartphone magnifier- Magni-Viewer™
You can consider a Travel-friendly smartphone magnifier as an ideal gift for any traveller. Any traveller on a long haul holiday flight will appreciate the smartphone magnifier as it will enable him to enjoy viewing the latest movies on Netflix. With the smartphone magnifier, a traveller doesn’t have to hold the phone 2 inches from the face to view anything. As a result, travelling will be fun!

Food Considerations
Lunch Bag
You Can Consider a Tyvek food bag that folds out into a placemat as a perfect gift for a perennial traveller. Sometimes, in their adventures, travellers may visit areas without a nearby restaurant for quick meals. The Tyvek food bag will greatly help them in not only carrying their meals but also in keeping them warm. The bag is insulated to ensure that the food can be kept warm or cold -depending on what you are packing. The lunch bag is wipe- clean and leak proof, so you don’t have to worry about minor accidents as you carry your food.