5 must have kitchen gadgets

5 must have kitchen gadgets

Whether you’re a culinary wizard or still eating microwave noodles for 2 out of every 3 meals, there’s 101 ways to make your life a little easier in the kitchen. From cookie cutters to rolling pins, Luckies has something fro you, whether you’re the sort of food lover that loves to cook the food, or simply eat it.

Avocado Spoon Rest

The Avocado Spoon Rest is perfect for all the messy pups whether that’s you or a gift for your favourite kitchen disaster. Keep greasy spoons off the work surfaces by resting in the middle. Easy to clean, and we wager there aren’t too many people around these days who don’t love an avocado.

Message Rolling Pin

Maybe your biscuit baking isn’t totally up to scratch, but that isn’t going to matter from now on thanks to our Message Rolling Pin. This cool gadget has 3 interchangeable silicon wraps that mean when you roll out your pastries and doughs, you can choose to imprint one of 3 messages; “Made With Love”, “Secret Recipe”, and “Bite Me”. Give your baking the personal touch (and maybe distract people from the taste if you’re not too good at it).

Chilli Herb Infuser
The Chilli Herb Infuser means that even if you aren’t a master chef, you can still storm the frontiers of flavour without cramming your dishes full of loose bay leaves, cardamom pods, and cinnamon sticks. And just for the record, we don’t know if all of those should ever be used together in a recipe. Simply fill the silicone chilli with your herbs, close it up, and let it sit in your stew or soup. It couldn’t be easier.

Agatha Steam Releaser
Agatha the Steam Releasing witch is perfect for keeping your spoon attached to the pot, ready for stirring at a moments notice. You’re also able to rest the lid on her, so she can release the steam from your bubbling pots (cauldron?). We’re not sure if her magic extends to making the food taste nice, but she’s a handy cool gadget that should make your life easier.

Farfalloni Pasta Shaped Pot Grips

The Farfalloni pot grips mean no more awkward dragging your tea towel through your dinner when draining pasta, potatoes, rice, or anything else. Fix the grips to your pot handles and tip away. Also great for carrying hot pots to the table. Don’t take the first aid kit out of the kitchen just yet, but don’t worry quite so much about developing those asbestos hands that all mums seem to have.