5 Must Have Travel Accessories for a Long Haul Trip

5 Must Have Travel Accessories for a Long Haul Trip

What to get a friend who is always on their holidays, travelling from time-zone to time-zone on one road trip or another?

Tickets to the Opera next week? They’ll be on vacation.

Tickets to see your fave band when they hit town next month? Your friend is on vacation.

Book a…..you get the picture!

But don’t trip. You need to show you understand their passion, so we’ve got some cool travel gifts that you can give your travel obsessed pal. Try these for size!

At the airport. Party. At the beach. Party. Pulling this Pocket Tin speaker out of their suitcase will turn them into an instant good time, wherever their trip takes them. It’s

Small enough to fit in a pocket
Better than your phone speaker!
It’s their passport to popularity!

Hunting for a passport in the dark before catching those early morning flights will be a breeze once they stick a strip of Glow Tape to the back! The Glow Tape is

Luggage mishaps can ruin any vacation. These Stylish Luggage Label Stickers will make sure everyone knows whose suitcase is whose. So no excuses for accidentally taking the matching Gucci suitcase and travel bag set!

Our Scratch Maps need no introduction. But now you can buy them a Framed Scratch Map Original, so they can map their journey and hang it straight on the wall for a constant feel-good reminder of their journey and you!

If none of those tickle your fancy, why not help them chronicle their journey in this beautiful Adventure Journal. You can leave them a note so they don’t forget you!

There are a tonne more fun travel gifts in our ‘travel gift’ section, all designed in-house by our talented team of designers here at Luckies of London HQ. We have been helping happy customers travel the world in style since 2005, so pick up something from our store today and help make sure your friends latest adventure is one to remember!