5 of the Best Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for the Traveller in your Life

5 of the Best Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for the Traveller in your Life

We all have a friend who loves to travel. The one who manages to squeeze in 5 trips abroad each summer, wears flip flops all year round and whose first words as a baby were “have a look on Skyscanner…” Here at Luckies, we reckon we’ve mastered the best travel inspired Christmas stocking fillers of all time for him or her.

Without further ado, the first ideal Christmas stocking filler on our list has to be the Scratch Map Travel. It’s almost criminal if they call themselves a traveller and don’t have one of these already, but in the spirit of Christmas, we’ll forgive them. Scratch Map Travel is the travel sized version of our larger scratch maps meaning you can fit it in your rucksack/suitcase and scratch off each country as you go. It’s the perfect travel keep sake and fits in a Christmas stocking too!

If this traveller friend of yours likes to keep a diary on all of their adventures, why not fill their stocking with Travelogue Travel Journal? Travelogue includes 8 miniature scratch maps, a 64 page journal, perfect for keeping a travel diary and a sleeve to keep your ticket stubs and other paper travel memorabilia. The Travelogue Travel Journal makes a cool Christmas stocking filler for any wanderlust addicted adventurer in your life.

Whilst it’s all very well buying fun Christmas stocking fillers, you know what’s even better? Useful Christmas stocking fillers! As boring as it sounds, there is definitely a practical side to travelling and what better way to show that you’ve thought long and hard about what to get your loved ones this year than by surprising them with our handy Currency Money Bank?! This unusual Christmas stocking filler has six separate compartments to keep your foreign currencies in. What’s more, it resolves the ever embarrassing problem of leftover Euros in your purse which usually comes to a head when trying to pay for milk on a Sunday with a hangover in your local corner shop with a 50 cent coin. Not the way to start the day when all you need is tea….

Continuing with the theme of useful stocking fillers for him or her is the Alife Flight Passport Cover. Available in a variety of pop colours, Flight Passport Cover will brighten up and more importantly protect any traveller’s most treasured possession. I mean, everyone goes travelling for the stamps in their passport right? Oh and for Instagram, of course.

Jokes aside, it’s important to keep your valuables safe whilst you’re travelling and our Undercover Phone Sleeve is the perfect way to deter thieves! Designed to look like a scruffy old envelope, Undercover Phone Sleeve is made of tyvek making it super endurable and the perfect little stocking filler for the accident prone traveller.