5 Perfect Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for the Gastronomic Junkie

5 Perfect Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for the Gastronomic Junkie

Cooking Christmas dinner for 12 hungry, slightly tipsy family members is not an easy task, especially with the added annoyance of your cousin Sam playing martyr about washing up the last three years in a row. Nevertheless, someone’s got to do it and here at Luckies HQ that someone is most definitely not us! But instead of playing the martyr card, we like to provide our families with some gastronomically handy Christmas stocking fillers instead. So if your boyfriend fancies himself as a bit of a Gordon Ramsey or your Mum is a huge Delia Smith fan, we’ve thought up some cool Christmas stocking filler Ideas for Him or her to use whilst we kick back and drink the Christmas pudding brandy…

First up on our list of the best Christmas stocking fillers is Ravioli Spoon Rest. Getting the lumps and bumps out of the gravy would prove a tiring task even for muscle king Arnold Schwarzenegger. But for the rest of us spaghetti armed mere mortals, we need a little rest here and there. Ravioli provides a comfy resting spot for your Kitchen spoons without getting your kitchen surfaces all grubby. And trust us, cooking for 12 people – you’re going to want to keep it as tidy as possible!

Time saving is vital for the gastronomic junkie, especially when cooking a meal for large quantities of hangry (anger stemming from hunger) family members. What better way to save time than with Penneli, the quirky little kitchen accessory that looks like a giant piece of pasta?! A Christmas stocking filler fit for a culinary King or Queen, Penneli will peel garlic in a flash, whilst preventing the age old problem of garlic smelling hands. Winner.

One of the best things about Christmas dinner is the leftover turkey sandwiches. Not only do they ease those back to work post holiday blues, they also give the foodie in your life a chance to show off his or her sandwich making skills. That being sad, our Brown Paper Bag makes the perfect little Christmas stocking filler for any self-proclaimed sandwich artist. Made out of tear-proof, leak resistant, insulating material called Tyvek, unlike the paper ones, Brown Paper Bag won’t split when all the cranberry sauce leaks out of your sandwich!

Speaking of leftovers, every once in a while we bet your Masterchef winning wannabe likes to cook you a turkey based delight made from the leftovers. If so, why not stuff their Christmas stocking with Pulke Herb Infuser?! Thoughtful and slightly selfish because it will mean that the turkey curry you’ll still be eating come January 1st will be tastier than ever…

Last up on out list of Christmas stocking fillers for the aspiring chef who likes to add some kitsch to their kitchen is the Flower Power Steam Releaser. Although not the manliest of stocking fillers, don’t think you can only give this as a gift for a girl. Much like the term, ‘real men wear pink,’ here at Luckies HQ we like to think real men will love Flower Power Steam Releaser too. Let his or her pots vent their steam and look pretty whilst doing it too…


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