5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa is one of those traditions that sounds super fun, but when you pull a name out of a hat and realise you don’t know who the hell it is (let alone what they’d think was an awesome Christmas gift), it becomes more of a chore than a festivity. Here are a few ideas to get you out of a few sticky secret santa situations, from getting the creepy guy in the office to pulling out the names of people you’re still at the ‘how was your weekend?’ stage with.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Office

Brown Paper Lunch Bag is the perfect gift for anyone at work that is, say, a little particular about their lunching habits. If they can always be heard complaining that someone’s taken their sandwiches or squished their fruit then this is the perfect gift for them. Designed to resemble the iconic American paper lunch bag, it’s also durable, reusable and insulated, keeping their hot food hot or cold drinks cold. Oh and they can personalise it too, so should they feel the need to write a passive aggressive ‘Keep Out’ note on it they can…

If you’ve got a colleague that you’re forever asking to complete tasks for you then finding out four months down the line your request went unheeded, give them a subtle yet festive hint with Robin Reindeer Memo. A smart looking memo holder that you can pop your notes in to remind Judy from accounts that you’re still waiting for her to pay that invoice from February…

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for your Family

It’s sometimes best to play it safe with family secret santa… Whilst you and your sister might find it hilarious to buy each other rude presents, Grandma might not find them as amusing. With that in mind, the Umbrella tea infuser makes the perfect gift for those family members that enjoy a nice cuppa – let’s face it, it’s bound to be most of them! Simply pop your favourite loose leaf tea inside the umbrella and watch it brew – a perfect stocking filler for all tea lovers.

And for the younger (or at least young at heart) contingent of the family, there’s the OMY Giant Colouring Poster. Designed to keep the littlens busy for hours, this poster sized colouring paper comes in a range of designs from Paris to Magic and there’s even a Christmas themed poster perfect for those seasonal colouring sessions. So if you need a rest from the excitement of children on a Christmas morning, give them this awesome present and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for your Friends

All groups of friends have a joker among them – the one who lifts the group spirits and is always on hand with a quip or an anecdote. If you’re lucky enough to pull their name out of the hat then buy them the Rubber Jonny – a pencil eraser that looks just like a condom. Designed to break the tension at any secret santa big reveals, it’s bound to raise a few smiles. That, and it’ll be great to see how many sexual innuendos follow!

Our next present is for the friend that you’re super pleased you got in the secret santa sweepstake. You Complete Me Christmas is a wooden jigsaw shaped like a Christmas tree that is not only festive and fun, but also houses a handwritten message of your choosing on the back. Put a personal joke you both share or just a cute little festive message and watch them piece the puzzle (literally) together of who gave it to them.