5 Thank you gifts they will never forget

5 Thank you gifts they will never forget

If someone you know has ‘done you a solid’ recently; perhaps they helped you move house or recommended you for a new job, then you’ll need some extra special thank you gift ideas. Somehow flowers seem a bit impersonal and chocolates aren’t to everyone’s tastes. What you need are thank you Gifts with a real personal touch that show the thanks is heartfelt and that you genuinely appreciate their effort and kindness. Lucky for you your first stop was Luckies then as we have 5 Thank You Gifts they will never forget.

  1. Smartphone Projector & Speaker V2.0 Gift Set

If you’re looking for a thank you gift for Dad to say thanks for fixing your car then this is a good bet. He can retreat to his man cave (garden shed) and enjoy reruns of Dad’s army, the football, Great British Bake Off or whatever his guilty pleasure is, projected straight from his smartphone.

  1. Baby Nessie
    If you’re looking for thank you gifts for her; perhaps a friend who did some emergency babysitting for you when you had a last minute job interview, or a work colleague who went above and beyond to help you out, then our Baby Nessie Tea Infuser is the perfect way to say thanks for being a life saver!
  2. You Complete Me
    If you want to thank a loved one for being there for you in difficult times then say it with the You Complete Me jigsaw puzzle. You couldn’t find a more romantic way to say thank you than writing your personal message onto the jigsaw and then breaking it up for them to piece together themselves.
  3. Just Hanging Kitchen Hooks
    If you need a thank you gift for someone who’s a little bit quirky, then how about getting them one of our fun Kitchen Accessories like these Kitchen hooks in the shape of cute little monkeys!
  4. Barbecue Stamp
    If you’re looking for a thank you gift for someone who loves to grill then this is a winner. They can personalise their meat with their very own branding iron. Who wouldn’t love that?


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