5 top gifts for frequent flyers

5 top gifts for frequent flyers

We’ve all got that jet-set friend; one who always seems to be in perpetual motion. If they’re not flying off to idyllic Caribbean Islands, they’re flitting between Tokyo and New York for business conferences or off on another diving trip; “this time to Nicaragua to swim with the turtles!”. It all sounds exhausting quite frankly. (We’re just jealous.) But if you’ve got a globe trotter in your life, you can make their next trip extra special with one of our 5 top Gifts for frequent flyers. Never mind getting them a passport holder, these Travel Gifts are first class and will send them off in style to see the world, just them and their tiny bottle of travel shampoo.

Luggage Label Stickers
When it comes to gifts for travellers these vintage looking stickers are a big hit. Great for personalising their suitcases with all the wonderful places they’ve visited. There are 16 designs and also included is an old fashioned style luggage tag sticker.

  1. Pocket Speaker
    The perfect gift for gap year students. A portable smartphone speaker small enough to fit into your pocket, perfect for parties on the beach or back at the hostel, and a great way for them to make friends.
  2. Travel Journal
    The definitive travelling gift for anyone who’s off on a long ‘see the world’ style trip. This unique travel journal allows them to plan trips, keep a diary, and contains 8 mini Scratch Maps. Or you could get them another of our travel companions; the Colorlogue which allows them to keep track of all the wonderful places they’ve been by colouring them in. It will provide hours of entertainment whilst they’re stuck in an airport or on a long flight to their next destination.
  3. Scratch Map Deluxe
    Our most detailed Scratch Map and an excellent gift for frequent flyers as it allows them to show off to house guests about all the fantastic places they’ve been.
  4. The Envelope
    A tech gift for someone who travels for work so they can protect their laptop but still look stylish whilst they’re working from their hotel poolside.


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