5 Travel Gadgets For Fathers Day

5 Travel Gadgets For Fathers Day

A special day is approaching for children everywhere of all ages to celebrate their fathers to say thank you for providing and protecting, working all hours, helping in the kitchen, sorting out the car, or playing games with the little ones. They love choosing gifts so trust them to know which gadget will suit him best for Fathers Day.

Bucket ( & spade ) List
Some Fathers never grow up and that is a good thing. It means even when we as children have grown up, life can still be fun. We all know them fun loving fathers who do pretend comedy trips, and pop their head around the door wearing a pair of funny eye or slinky glasses always surprising us and making us laugh. If you have little ones and their father doesn’t mind making a mess in a food fight or bouncing on a trampoline then this is an affordable travel gadget to say thank you Dad for all the fun we share, and ” can I have some more please ” Enjoy the rest of the year doing cool stuff together with this inventive laminate wall chart with over 100 must do experiences for young minds. The beach scene poster with a list on the bright red bucket, with beach background scene is a record and reminder of all the fun things you have done. Just scratch off the gold foil squares once you have done it to reveal a tick. Well done guys.

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition
To the Father that is always saving and planning family holidays. If we remember it all started with the bucket & spade beach breaks, and as we got older we ventured further into Europe, camping in the South of France, and then when we were deemed manageable we got to go to real special places like theme parks in Florida, or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia for some fun and education although have it our way and it is water parks all the way, except not that far away in the Canaries. But Dad didn’t mind. He will be blown away with this super gadget travel map of the world poster size with a premium finish. Full of education in geography and facts about summits and oceans to share with his family. Attractive matte black gift scroll tube with copper outlines of the globe to match the map which has copper foil covering the worlds countries.He may decide to keep it in the very nice tube and get it out for the great family gatherings or he may decide it looks amazing on the wall, lets not forget. Scratch off where you have been and reveal a colourful record of happy family times, leaving just enough of the world left to see for retirement where he will happily go where there are no water parks. Gifts for life to say thank you for being my father and may we share many more happy times visiting amazing places

The Explorer Bottle
For the father that loves the great outdoors whatever the weather he will set out on an adventure through woodlands, and valleys and coastal paths. You will always find him gathering up the wood for the camp fire and making sure all needs are taken care of. He is up for a challenge and will be very pleased to receive this robust explorer bottle gadget. A reusable stainless steel water bottle with an anodised black finish that doesn’t discolour like the plastic ones. A 500 ml capacity and a carry loop to attach conveniently to drink on the move and keep him hydrated and cool. The embossed bamboo screw lid gives it a quality old school look that a professional trekker would certainly be seen with.

Camera Light
For the father that is into his photography, he likes camping and loves wildlife. He also needs a sense of humour, Whoops Dad sorry, it’s not an old retro camera from the antique shop, it is actually a portable, battery operated night light that looks really cool. Take it with you anywhere to see what you are doing on the night shoots without alarming the whole farming community with spotlights, great for camping when nature calls and a real quirky gadget gift intended to get us thinking outside the box. Happy Fathers day, thank you for the love, now here is your light !

Undercover Phone Sleeve
You cannot be too careful these days when travelling to unfamiliar places and so annoying when travelling, sitting down for long periods, you don;t realise you lost half the contents of your pockets before you got to the hotel. You need your phone to keep in touch with family and how many times do you crack the screen dropping it on the floor. A fathers Day gift to say you care and stay safe. Protect his phone with this brilliant secret phone sleeve travel gadget that is disguised as an envelope with address label and stamp marks. Keep it safe with other travel documents in this easy to carry soft red lined phone sleeve.