5 Travel Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

5 Travel Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If your better half has got the travel bug (clues: they’re forever rifling through Lonely Planet and have started using made up words like ‘wanderlust’), then it’s a safe bet that they’d love a travel related gift for Valentine’s Day. But with so many on the market, it’s hard to find an unusual gift that’s going to cut the mustard. Whether your partner is into trekking through the wilderness in South East Asia or just mooching around the English countryside, this handy V-Day gift guide for the travel obsessed lover has got it covered.

Tag Me Luggage Tag is a cute little airplane shaped bag tag that makes the perfect gift for the traveller that likes to accessorise. It’s also great for tackling those awkward moments at airports when trying to prove that plain black suitcase really is yours without rifling through your sundries mid airport lounge. It’s also available in two colours – perfect for adding a bit of style to your journey!

This next gift is great for anyone that’s been the unfortunate victim of a pesky pick pocket on their travels. Not only is the Undercover Phone Sleeve big enough to keep your MP3 player, keys, camera and bank card safe from prying hands, but it’s shockproof, splash proof, and tear proof! Cleverly disguised as an old envelope, it’ll keep your loved one’s valuables safe, and means that you can continue with those treasured Skype calls while they’re away!

Travelogue Travel Journal makes a great Valentines present for the wordsmiths among us – it’s a journal that’s ready made to plan trips with miniature Scratch Map® maps to complete on route, AND room to tuck in boarding passes, polaroids and notes. Why not up the ante and write a soppy Valentine’s Day note in the front, or hide some loving letters in the pages for your sweetheart to find on their travels?

If your other half is forever returning from trips with a pocketful of useless shrapnel in a myriad of currencies then this present won’t go unappreciated by both of you. Currency Money Bank is a piggy bank with a difference – six separate compartments mean your partner can organise their travel cash with ease! That and they’ll stop accidentally trying to buy you a Costa with Yen…

Last up on our list of travel gifts for Valentine’s Day is Shoes Pouch – great for those partners that need a bit of help organising their bits and pieces on holiday. If your lover is forever asking you to sit on their suitcase while they fight with the zip, then this makes a great unusual gift to give them a helping hand. And not only does it keep the dust and dirt from getting on their clothes, but it also keeps their stinky trekking shoes from contaminating the rest of the hotel. It’s so effective it’ll have you wondering whether it’s really a present for them or for you!