5 travel gifts for the explorer in your life

5 travel gifts for the explorer in your life

We all have that friend who stays up all night binge watching survival programmes, leaves the pub after one pint because they’ve got a 20 kilometre hike in the morning and who carries a tent in their backpack ‘just in case’. But just like us mere unadventurous mortals, this friend of yours requires a birthday/Christmas/leaving gift every now and then and we think it’s best to stick with a travel gift to help aid them on all those epic trips they plan on taking. So without further ado, take a look at our top five travel gifts for the explorer in your life.

Explorer Bottle

We’ve realised travel gifts need to be practical as well as good looking. Explorer bottle is a reusable, stainless steel drinking bottle perfect for throwing in their suitcase before a walking holiday. It also features a carry loop for maximum ease and access.

Glow Tape

It’s late. Your wanderlust pal has had one too many whiskeys around the campfire and is struggling to find his tent. Enter Glow Tape. This glow in the dark sticky tape recharges via natural light (or artificial light if you’re short of time) making it perfect to decorate tents, pathways, campsite loos or even a passport so no matter how heavy the beer googles they can always find their way.

Adventure Map™

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If someone goes on an adventure but doesn’t record it, does it really happen? We don’t want your explorer pal to take that risk which is why they need an Adventure Map before they embark on any journey.

Adventure Map™ features:

  • Over 280 adventurous bucket list experiences
  • Each experience marked with a symbol and number in foil to be uncovered as completed
  • Copper theme

Waterproof Notebook

Unfortunately travelling is not all rainbows and sunshine and when a thunder storm strikes and they’re trying to check their notebook for what time they have to be at the airport, tempers can flare. Not with our 100% Waterproof Notebook. Write anytime, anywhere (including a waterfall), any weather absolutely smudge free. Phew.

Camera Light

Last but definitely not the least in our top five travel gifts for the explorer is Camera Light. Homesickness can strike at the most unfortunate of times – the middle of the night, eight hours in to a long-haul night flight. With this portable, battery powered light, your explorer pal can read those love letters from his sweetheart whenever and wherever homesickness strikes.