5 Unique Gifts for the Girl Who Has Everything

5 Unique Gifts for the Girl Who Has Everything

What do you get the girl who has a different handbag for every day of the week? I mean, Tuesday’s bag is soooo not a Friday bag….Pull her name out of the Secret Santa hat in the office and cold sweats are bound to follow. Here at Luckies HQ, we’ve created a list of unique hard to buy for gifts, so that those impossible-to-shop-fors will finally be satisfied! And don’t worry, we aren’t about to fill your screens with all things pink and fluffy. In the spirit of all girls being different, we decided to organise our unique gifts for the girl who has everything by personality. You’re welcome.

Unique gifts for the girl who has everything: The Tomboy

If she’s a tomboy who has everything, she’ll definitely already own the legendary Smartphone Projector, so why not get her the audio sibling Smartphone Speaker? These nifty little speakers are available in Black or a Brown Leather effect and boast 40 hours playback! With impressive sound quality, you can take them pretty much anywhere making them ideal for all those tomboy adventures I’m sure she gets up too…

Unique gifts for the girl who has everything: The Girly Girl

Succumbing to the stereotype of girly girls loving pink, Marshmallow Pencil & Eraser makes a cute and quirky little gift. And if we’re going down the stereotype route, it also adds some guilt free calories to her stationary set…

Unique gifts for the girl who has everything: The Scatterbrain

There’s always a silver lining in life and when it comes to unique gifts for the scatterbrain, if you accidentally get her a gift she already owns, the chances are she’ll forget! Nevertheless, aim high. We reckon Eric The Memo Elephant makes a creative and unique gift for the forgetful girl who has everything. This 3D dry wipe message board is made out of smooth white ceramic and will allow her to scribble down reminders and memos all day long! So next time she forgets to buy milk, you can gently remind her not to forget Eric….

Unique gifts for the girl who has everything: The Foodie

Anyone who’s ever tried to peel garlic knows that it can result in a knife flying across the kitchen in a culinary rage. It would be dangerous NOT to get her Penneli. Allowing her to peel garlic cloves quickly and easily, Penneli will also stop the smell of garlic getting on her hands. Now she really does have everything.

Unique gifts for girl who has everything: The Clean Freak

We’ve seen a lot of household gadgets in our time and the chances are, if the girl who has everything is also a clean freak, she’ll already have most of them. But I bet you a bottle of bleach she doesn’t have Cloudy the sponge holder! This unique little kitchen accessory will make even the most serious of clean freaks squeal with excitement.