5 Unusual Gift Ideas for The Men in Your Life

5 Unusual Gift Ideas for The Men in Your Life

Is it just us, or is it getting more and more tricky to source unique and unusual gift ideas for men? When your boyfriend starts predicting your present ideas, it means some more unusual gifts for him are needed before you seriously lose credit as the ‘care-free-spontaneous-dessert-before-main-course’ kinda gal that you are. So without further ado, have a browse through our unusual gift ideas for your boyfriend, brother, dad, granddad and even the trickiest of men, the man who has everything…

Unusual Gift Ideas for Your Dad

What dad doesn’t think he was the inventor of the Dad joke? Unusual gift ideas for him are made easy here at Luckies, with presents like our Lasso Wine Bottle Holder. Let him enjoy getting the table talking at his next dinner party.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

The boyfriend is always looking for ways to surprise you, yet deep and meaningful gifts for him don’t seem to exist – unless he’s the street food eating hipster type that wears engraved rings…With our Memory Box, you can personalise it with keepsakes of your most memorable times together – reminding him at the same time just how much he loves you, result.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Any gadget loving bro will love our Smartphone Projector – allowing him to watch his favourite films projected onto the wall from the comfort of his own bed. Whilst you might not see him for days after he receives this techy gift, he will at least thank you via text.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Your Granddad

We all know that our dear old granddads can be a little forgetful, but with KeyPete, he will never have to worry about finding his keys again – something that happens to the very best of us.

Unusual Gift Ideas for The Man Who Has Everything

There is always that one man you know who has everything – meaning even the most unusual gift ideas for him are hard to come by. With our Adventure Map, there’s over 280 bucket list experiences from around the world to uncover and complete – just make sure he sends you a postcard…