6 Awesome Kitchen Gift Ideas for the Great British Bake Off Enthusiast

6 Awesome Kitchen Gift Ideas for the Great British Bake Off Enthusiast

It’s that time of year again when we get to hear how Paul Hollywood detests a soggy bottom and Mary Berry an irregular shaped set of balls. Yes, The Great British Bake Off is back and we at Luckies are loving it. It’s got something for everyone; wholesomeness for your Nan, a plethora of innuendos for your Dad and the opportunity for your Daily Mail Showbiz-site reading sister to guess which contestant Paul Hollywood is having a secret affair with. So if you’re looking to buy a gift for any of these family members, or any one of the 8.9 million Great British Bake Off viewers, read on for our totally awesome kitchen gift ideas for the Great British Bake Off enthusiast!

This one really takes the biscuit – Message Rolling Pin Gift Set

Pretty much all bakers own a rolling pin but you’d be hard pushed to find anyone with a rolling pin like this cheeky thing. Our Message Rolling Pin gift set contains three interchangeable and washable silicone wraps, each one featuring a different message. You could opt for the romantic “Made With Love”, the slightly kinky “Bite Me” or go for the deceiving “Secret Recipe”, otherwise known as Nigella’s recipe! Personalise cookies, pastry and dough with these three little messages!

Any hole’s a goal – Cookie Cup Cookie Cutter

We all love a cup of tea with our cookies so how about a cup of tea to make our cookies?! Well sort of. This tea cup shaped cookie cutter has a smaller circular shaped hole with pleated edges at the bottom, a larger smooth hole at the top and sides featuring spots and stars, allowing any baker to create customised cookies and baked goods! A fantastic gift for any sweet toothed foodie. Just be sure to warn them not to mix it in with their bone china, that really would give you a soggy bottom!

The legend of the Nessie Soup Ladle

Whether you’re whipping up a birthday cake, a Victoria sponge or a flour-less chocolate number this soup-er cute kitchen accessory is a must-have. She not only brings an element of fun to getting the last of your mixture out of your mixture from your Kitchen Aid, she stands upright on your surfaces with her tiny feet. With the choice of three vibrant colours this is one Nessie that won’t be difficult to spot!

Been touching your dough balls? You need the Spills, Hands & Pans tea towels

There is nothing worse than going to wash and dry your hands after you’ve given your dough a good ol’ slap and tickle to find out that your tea towel is covered in baking tray juices. This colour coded tea towel set removes this danger from your kitchen. It has one for your hands, one for your pans and one for your food processor explosions which lets face it, happens to the best of us.

Your cupcake can stand under my Umbrella-ella

When you’re making your dainty yet delicious vanilla cupcakes your flour sieve seems a little on the large side. You just end up with kitchen surfaces that look like Pete Doherty has snuck in and had a whale of a time! The “Umbrella” usually serves as a tea infuser but we’ve found that it makes an excellent icing sugar shaker. No need to get the “Spills” tea towel out after using this bad boy.

Get your bake on with the Yolk Fish Egg Separator

This is an absolute must-have kitchen gadget for all Great British Bake Off enthusiasts. Show us a baker who isn’t partial to knocking up a box of Laduree macarons! This yolk fish allows you to easily separate the egg yolk from your egg whites. All you have to do is squeeze the fish, bring it’s lips to the egg yolk and then release so it swallows it up. You then have your egg whites yolk free and ready to be whipped up into a meringue! Star baker? Done.